Saturday, February 4, 2012

Poetry Out Loud 3.0

This past week I once again traisped over to my former work place to judge the 2012 Poetry Out Loud contestants.

I ran into old friends, but not a single student [not countin' you Boyd] I knew. Alas, those that I taught have all graduated, and a new bunch taken their place --- younger than ever they are, older than ever I am. Such vitality, such youth, such energy --- made me wanna come home and take a nap.

Regardless, here's a shout out to KMHS and these fine students who had the nerve and the presence to stand up in front of an audience and recite poetry.


 the winners -- first is on the left
 the judge [for the record, that pencil does not hold the power of the red pen]
 my friend, Debbie [retired], another judge
all contestants
 during the scoring interlude, Kyle [in white shirt to the left] performed his poem titled "Monsters"----with help from a few of his friends...[twas very funny]
*holds up lighter*
 the man in the middle, Coy Dunn [not-retired], is KMHS's drama teacher
BTW: he is currently in competition for Georgia's Teacher of the Year -- Good luck, Coy.

For more information: Poetry Out Loud.

 Not pictured--- good friend Nan [not-retired], media specialist, and organizer of this competition for KMHS


  1. Thank you for "traipsing over" to judge for us. And thank you for the plug for Poetry Out Loud on the blog. I think it is a good experience for the kids, and I wish more schools participated. At the very least it gets students thinking and talking about poetry. BTW - I'm signing you up for next year, too.

    Note to self: Give Harriett red pen (or at the very least red pencil) for next year's competition.

  2. I definitely think you need a red pen for next year Gillham :) I wish I had known about POL I would have loved to come! Also ladies I just wanted to let you know that we are having a Memorial Party for Mr. Deavers this Sunday the 12 (the 2 year anniversary) from 2 - 6 at Mrs. Deavers' club house. The address is 890 Macland Rd. Dallas, Ga and I would love it if you could stop by for a little bit!

  3. I think I inherited your love of red pens. Is it bad that writing in red is one of my favorite aspects of teaching?

  4. Another wonderful date night!

  5. Ha! As a college Teacher's Assistant, my favorite accessory was a red Bic. :D

    What was "Monsters" about?