Saturday, May 18, 2013

Don't wake me up... for

Not in my house.
Garden tours?
Are there fat, chubby chipmunks?
Low flying birds?
*bigger yawn*
 Polish chickens?
*waits for punch line*
But -- porch time?
*raises furry paw *

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Marietta Garden Tour 2013

My sister, her friend Christine, and I spent a lovely, overcast Saturday on our first annual Marietta Garden Tour.
What follows is just a little taste of the beauty of the day:
(lots of poppies and peonies)

Gardens -- all types



and one Polish chicken

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Graduate! Yes!

Always happy to watch another one of the 'phews don the mortarboard, cross the stage, and move on into (cough, cough) adulthood, I attended Stephen's graduation and noted that  "mother and daddy would be so proud."

 Stephen is the seventh of their eight grandchildren to graduate from college.

*crosses fingers for Glenn*

What a legacy they began, when they determined that they would make sure that all four of their children would have the opportunity to go to college[we all did and graduated!), and now my siblings have given their own children that privilege.


At Young Harris College in the Georgia mountains on last Saturday at 11am, during a monsoon [we got four inches], Stephen graduated from college with a BA in English.

*throws confetti*

Held in their spanking new gym, the class of 2013, resplendent in cap and gown, and their families sat through a commencement speech by Monica Kauffman Pearson, too much chat by President Kathy Cox [sorry, a little editorializing there], and then two hours later received their diplomas.

Who throws a graduation during lunch, btw?

Regardless of the fact that Pearson's speech was riddled with clich├ęs, it's always worth it to sit through one to see the completion of such success for a loved one.

So. Stephen. Congratulations.

Now, get a job.

the family with the graduate

Aunt Harriett: So Stephen, how did you end up liking all that literature?
Stephen: I didn't.
Aunt Harriett: *gasp*
Stephen: I mean, I like to read and write, but not necessarily read the "canon."
Aunt Harriett: *holds fingers up in the sign of the cross*
Stephen: Okay. Some of it was all right.  
Aunt Harriett: *checks blood sugar* 

Andrew took this picture of Stephen about 1/2 way through the ceremony.
Trust me, Stephen, we were with ya. LOL