Thursday, May 9, 2013

Graduate! Yes!

Always happy to watch another one of the 'phews don the mortarboard, cross the stage, and move on into (cough, cough) adulthood, I attended Stephen's graduation and noted that  "mother and daddy would be so proud."

 Stephen is the seventh of their eight grandchildren to graduate from college.

*crosses fingers for Glenn*

What a legacy they began, when they determined that they would make sure that all four of their children would have the opportunity to go to college[we all did and graduated!), and now my siblings have given their own children that privilege.


At Young Harris College in the Georgia mountains on last Saturday at 11am, during a monsoon [we got four inches], Stephen graduated from college with a BA in English.

*throws confetti*

Held in their spanking new gym, the class of 2013, resplendent in cap and gown, and their families sat through a commencement speech by Monica Kauffman Pearson, too much chat by President Kathy Cox [sorry, a little editorializing there], and then two hours later received their diplomas.

Who throws a graduation during lunch, btw?

Regardless of the fact that Pearson's speech was riddled with clich├ęs, it's always worth it to sit through one to see the completion of such success for a loved one.

So. Stephen. Congratulations.

Now, get a job.

the family with the graduate

Aunt Harriett: So Stephen, how did you end up liking all that literature?
Stephen: I didn't.
Aunt Harriett: *gasp*
Stephen: I mean, I like to read and write, but not necessarily read the "canon."
Aunt Harriett: *holds fingers up in the sign of the cross*
Stephen: Okay. Some of it was all right.  
Aunt Harriett: *checks blood sugar* 

Andrew took this picture of Stephen about 1/2 way through the ceremony.
Trust me, Stephen, we were with ya. LOL

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  1. Yea...always a thing to celebrate! Good for him, and you.