Friday, December 28, 2012

Invasion of the Home Snatchers

Even the steely eyes
 of my stare
has not affected
 these people
who have invaded
and snatched
MY time
 with my feeders and fetchers.
to re-arrange
valuables which are stuck in
these, mysterious, black bags of un Tallulah- rize stuff.
Must be worthless
to strangers
because they make
I find way in.
to bite
or ignore.
I need attention.

Go Away.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Charity Lane

David and I always find new ways to enjoy the area around our mountain house. This year's surprise event is a seven mile stretch of road all lit up for Christmas.

Touted as "a community of Christmas lights, lighting the valley for all to see the way home," the drive showcasing these, in some cases, over the top lights was a combination of nostalgia and [dare I type it?] tacky, and you know, there's nothing wrong with "tacky" in moderation.

*wink, wink*

For a ten dollar donation, Christmas light lookers drive slowly on a windy road behind Rabun Gap Nacochee School and gawk to their heart's content -- as well as be thankful they're not the neighbor of the participant who has the song "Jingle Bell" at maximum level [perhaps to be heard at the road for lookers with their windows closed?] on loop for five and a half hours.

*wipes brow*

Known as Charity Lane, the thirty-two different sponsors who set up lights, light poles, volunteered, and, in some cases, donned costumes as well as manned stopping stations range from five different [IMHO -- adorable and sweet] churches to several food banks, Kiwanis and Lions' Club, Paws 4 Life [where they take donations of dog and cat food], Toys for Tots,  and Foxfire. Included in this are the property owners of Wolffork Valley who allow interlopers like us to stop and take pictures and stare at the lights adorned on their houses and barns -- as well as in two cases -- truck and boat.

Totally a festival for the eyes, David and I were glad that it happened to fall on one of our weekends in the mountains. :-)

 Right in the middle of this "drive," we're reminded of where we are... LOL.

Note: My lousy night time camera clicking does not do it justice, but I hope you can see a little of its playfulness.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Reindeer Tossing: Another Tallulah Christmas Tradition

Those of you who read my blog might remember the one about Tallulah's fascination with the Christmas tree.

For 2012, she's switched to messing with the mantle -- especially with the reindeer [gift from one of my SCHS students back in 1999 -- I kept it because of that Prince song -- I was gonna post a link to the song here, but it's got copyright laws for the audio -- and why that Prince song means something to me is not relevant for this blog -- maybe later, maybe not later.]

In her words:

Yes, I sit on the mantle. 
At night. 
In broad daylight.
*drum beat*
I can.

It beckons to me like tree, but the tree is boring.  
Been there.
Done that.

The mantle begs me to jump for it.
*drum roll*
Stuff to push around.
Mostly that.

It's high.
I shouldn't.
I do.
Cat. I. Am.
Not bird.
Or dog.
Not that. Or it. Or them.

 Then I see.
Ridiculous red reindeer.
Not realistic at all.
Totally unworthy of position.
*raises paw in protest*

Smells too.
Like attic boxes.

Not a fan of vermin.
*licks paws*

Last night.

Dumped him.
Reindeer overboard.

Pushed his red self to the floor. 

*boom, chicka, bow wow*

Picked him up by his antlers and tossed him like a bad salad.
 Easy peasy.



Another interloper.
Sock monkey. 
 More ridiculousness.
Easier pickings than reindeer.

Like birds.

He goes.

Or tomorrow.

On mood.


It's me.
Or him.

Even though there really is no competition.
Much more fabulous
Is I.


Sock monkey?

Waste of the word "sock."


Need a nap after all of that rapping.