Friday, December 10, 2010

Tallulah versus the Tree

For Christmas of 2009, the first year we had Tallulah, we put up our Christmas tree without ornaments. We knew with Tallulah only being six months old, she would be all over it --- thinking it was a giant toy for her.

So, without ornaments, Tallulah sniffed out the tree and then ignored it.

This year, we thought we were safe. Tallulah's older, not quite so wild -- a lot of the kitten gone. We bit the bullet -- put up the tree --- and Tallulah was everywhere -- in the box, pulling on the bottom limbs, and biting the branches when she could.

Me: Are you sure, David? You want me to put ornaments on the tree?
David: Yes, she's older. It will be good.
Me: Okay, but I dunno.

So, for two days, working at what I call "retirement pace," I carefully placed ornaments on the tree, breakable ones on the highest limbs -- soft stuffy, or unbreakable ones at the bottom.

Tallulah watched -- curious, but she didn't interfere. She sat under the tree and looked at me through the branches. She climbed on the chair next to it -- and cocked her head sideways, but she didn't seem to bother the tree.

Keats meanwhile ignored us all: Tallulah, David, me, and the tree.

Keats: You are all boring. Where's my food?

The first morning after the tree had been decorated, I found the first ornament on the floor.

Exhibit A

Me: Hmmm. This one must have fallen and then some how skidded to the middle of the floor.

Next morning, another one -- hits the floor, skids to a stop, and lays there like a felled steer.

Exhibit B

The next day, it's a shattered ball, one that makes me sad since it was given to me by my parents.

Me: Tallulah's taking the ornaments down one by one.
David: Too bad she couldn't help us after Christmas.
Me: Us? Hello? Argh. I put the ornaments on the tree; I don't want to take them down now. You insisted on the tree!

*stomps foot*


David: Just move the breakable ones to the top.
Me: I did that to begin with -- she's climbing it.
David: Nah.
Me: Uh, yeah.

So each night we sit in the living room and when Tallulah gets close to the tree, we either clap our hands or one of us gets up and chases her away.

Tallulah: Great game! Great game! I love this. I love it when humans move!!


This, however, as you can imagine is not fun for two old people like David and me.
It's like having a toddler.


Meanwhile, Keats sleeps heavenly on the afghan, and David and I take turns running Tallulah from the tree.

Each morning there is a new ornament on the floor -- placed just far enough from the tree so that we know who did it.

We know.

Tallulah: [purrs] I did it. I did it. [puts tail up in the air and circles it]

I've collected the ornaments she has removed and placed them in a bowl.

Tallulah: 12
Tree: ever how many are left...


I'll keep you posted....


  1. That is one magnificent tree, even despite Tallulah's battle with it! I got my own tree for the first time this year, and I am totally smitten with it. All I want to do is sit on the couch and gaze at it. All day.

  2. This is almost making me thankful we aren't decorating for our first christmas. Our cat is not even 6 months old yet, he would have a field day! Good luck!

  3. I have to say, she's pretty darn cute though.

  4. Puttytat used to climb our Christmas trees, but she's matured. This year so far, she has only knocked off 1 ornament.

  5. Tallulah is like my youngest child who wonders how I just KNOW that he was responsible for the latest house disaster even as he's telling me in detail exactly what he didn't do. LOL.

    They age out of the ornament thing though. We have about 20 bell ornaments that haven't even gotten a shake since we decorated. The downside, he's moved on to bigger and not so better things. : )

  6. Our cats loved to climb the tree. We are down to only one cat now along w/ two dogs. Spice kitty has long outgrown the ornament hunt.

    BTW...I've been browsing and your blog isn't "lame".

  7. This made me miss my cat. Frisco used to climb the tree when he was younger. Thankfully, when he got older and climbed to 18lbs, he stopped. He ate the bows on the presents too...