Friday, August 12, 2011

Heaven's Landing

Last weekend, while David and I were in the mountains, we met up with his pilot friend, Gordon, who has property near our mountain house.

Gordon and David

After lunch at Grapes and Beans, [I had vegetable pita; Dave the special -- Tofu Turnover?] we followed Gordon to his "hangar" at Heaven's Landing, parked the Volvo, and took a tour of this 635 acre gated community.

View from the clubhouse -- that's Gordon's hangar with the door open.

Random Hangar Dog

Heaven's Landing, noted for its "private" runway, has 5, 069 feet of paved concrete that can accommodate most personal aircraft, a perk established for that elite class of folks who not only own an airplane but can fly it right into their own backyard. Surrounded by National Forest Land, this exclusive community nestles restfully and beautifully between the mountains.

Gordon said that "flying into a closed space like Heaven's Landing is a little tight."
Me: Looks big to me.

David and I had nosed our way around Heaven's Landing when they were first under construction, [and the private gate was not locked]; we had walked through many of the houses in the early stages of their building -- and imagined their magnificence [never tire of it!] and their beautiful views when completed.

Gordon told David about a particular new, log house under construction and how incredible it was gonna be when finished. After stopping by Gordon's hangar on the way in, we hopped in Gordon's big truck [they all seem big to me], rode around the huge property, and walked through that house.

I guess, I can see that --

"Heaven's Landing" is not a misnomer.

BTW: Random Hangar Dog is a great name for a rock and roll band.


That's all I got.


  1. I want to live in that house.

  2. Holy cow, that's quite a house! I am having an envy pang.

    Beautiful scenery, too. Hope you're have a fun time in the mountains!