Saturday, June 6, 2009

Shee Wee

is the airbrushed license plate I saw at Publix this a.m. I walked the aisles of the store in search of "Shee Wee," and I never felt confident that I encountered her. Yep, back at Publix this am.. pitiful, but the cave man I live with needs his dino burger....

No sign of Alex. In fact, I didn't run into anyone I knew, which is shocking, unless you count my favorite bag boy, Harold. He actually pays attention to separating the vegetables from the meats, a policy I held fast to in my classroom.

Harold is sixty-five years old and works at Publix to get away from his wife. He's retired army, and apparently since he retired, he gets on his wife's nerves. He goes to work instead of being relegated to the basement or "the dog house," which is his word for the "shop" he has set up "forty five feet from the hen house."

Harold spends time in the "dog house" "sawing, nailing, and creating things for the dump."

His current project is to make his granddaughter a table for her outdoor wedding for the "sand" ceremony. Harold said that he didn't go to his "trailer in Florida" so that he could work on his project.

On the way to the car with my groceries, I educated Harold on this "new fangled symbol" of unity currently the rage at weddings. He said that he asked his wife about it, but that she said, "Humph, it's heathenish."

The Unity Sand Ceremony is known all over the world for its beauty and sanctity. Couples add this ceremony to their weddings as an alternative to the unity candle ceremony because it so elegantly captures the meaning of their two lives becoming one. And it creates a lasting keepsake of that special day.

I googled it and this is the explanation; I wish I knew all this to tell Harold... but my explanation to him was close. It's all good with Harold, I'm sure.

Apparently, there is a unity sand ceremony hotline if you have questions on how to mix the sand. I believe that you can get sand for each "branch" of the family and mix 'em all up. I just know if this were my family that we might have a showdown over who gets the blue sand versus the red sand -- and Lord help the incoming outlaws.

I don't know if it's pagan, but I do know that it's relatively new.

I'm laughing, because all that came to mind to me at the moment is Huck Finn's comment about Mary Jane Wilks: "for a girl, she had the most sand."

In my family, I definitely have the most sand, no matter what color it is or whose sand box we're in.

I'm going to a few weddings this summer myself -- maybe, I shall see my first "Sand Ceremony."
I'll keep you posted, or should I say, I'll keep you blogged?

Note of interest: Apparently Michael Jackson is headed back out on the concert circuit this fall. According to one reporter, hyped up like a toddler with excitement, and I quote, he's "master of the moonwalk, freak show extraordinaire - who doesn't want to see that concert?"

*raises hand*

Uh, me.


I hope that all my stories do not evolve from Publix. It's hard to know.
I'm retired, you know.

Since Dr. Parrott told me I needed pictures .. here is one couple who seemed to be ecstatic over having just been through the sand ceremony..

Random header image... Refresh for more!

Man, that is bliss.

Happy Saturday....

ETA: Uh, looks like on the blog view, you can only get half the picture -- there is a guy beaming on the other side of the girl.
I'll be working out this little kink.


  1. Perhaps you can resize it?
    Anyway, I subscribed to your feed, so it shows up in my reader.

  2. Thanks, Fred.

    I tried to resize it and then I was like -- oh heck, it ain't that important. LOL

    subscribing to my feed makes me feel like I am throwing bread in a trough.. LOL again.

  3. That would be Fréd! You have to copy and paste it. Now, about those photos, forget the canned photos. We want you to take your camera into Publix; I want to see a photo of Harold as he considers the sand ceremony, or the squirrels on your deck, or at least a photo of Keats. Now, about those sand ceremonies, oh, my. I've only seen one, and the first word that comes to mind is "tacky"! If couples want to use it, however, why don't they add more symbolism and throw in a few rocks and a glob of mud? It's nice to see that you are working on a Saturday during your retirement!

  4. No, when I use Fred, it's just Fred. The accents only appear in my full name.

  5. You gotta love Just Fred.

    Dr. Parrott, uh, I can't take my camera to Publix. I have my cell phone, my keys, my wallet, and I have to have a hand free in case I need to swat somebody.

  6. Oh, and one more thing, when you're retired, every day is Saturday.

  7. Man, I wonder what Harold's wife would think about my ceremony. We are washing each other's feet, and sharing a cup of wine, and all sorts o' 'heathenish' activities. ;)

  8. HARRY GILL-HAM!!! what is this nonsense. i was so confused when you said you had a new blog. geeze. i've missed so much, only not.
    We will have to set a time to go to the movies with Kara and Jamie this summer, since you are retired and you obviously don't do much but go to Publix haha just kidding. but i still have to make time to read all that summer reading stuff for Lit (LAME!)
    bwahaha ill call you :) since i have your number (man i feel so powerful for some reason)
    you know what would make a great blog story...knocking off the ugly flower pot shrine thing off the huge haddon mail box! now that would be some story to tell. Ill provide the baseball bat.



  10. The sand ceremony is relatively new. And dumb, I might add. I work a lot of weddings, and for some reason it reminds me of when I would make those sand things at the fair every fall, and it seems very out of place, but I guess it works for outdoor weddings where the unity candles could get extinguished by the wind. I always wonder what would happen if the sand thingie were to fall over in the car on the way home when all of the gifts are packed up after the wedding. The sand gets all mixed up and the perfect design is gone. Just like their love....

  11. gillham! i'm reading this a little late...i apologize, but you should have called your husband a troglodyte instead of a cave man, and then posted that video again!!! "i'll sock it to you baaaby" :) haha!!

  12. Perhaps MJ should have hitched up with Britney on her 'Circus' tour. That would have been a spectacle to behold.

    I suppose he wouldn't have appreciated being a sideshow, though.

  13. I was trying to post a picture of my cousin's wedding a few months ago. She and her husband decided on the sand ceremony since, as Ms. Manilo pointed out, the unity candles would have blown out on the beach. Unfortunately the photographer's site has all sorts of code locking down the picture so I can't save or copy it.