Monday, June 22, 2009

Oh No! Jillian says bye to Mark!

This is what happens when I am comfortable on the couch, Keats has her head on my lap and partly my laptop, hubby has gone to the back of the house, and ABC News is over.

(The remote is across the room, and yes, I would have to move THE CAT -- you know what that entails -- that pitiful cry of Meeeeeeooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww. )

Entertainment Tonight comes on. It's not like this has never happened to me before --it's an experience that I have had more than I like to admit. Why oh why do I let this happen? It's like I have "what happens after ABC News if you leave the tv on amnesia."

This is what I am subjected to:

The tease story is Jon and Kate.

Who are they?
Why are they also on the cover of People magazine?

They have like eight kids.

Why don't I know who they are? Are they famous? For what? For breaking up? For having eight kids? For being pretty and still having eight kids? Are all of those kids going to college?

They must be this summer's version of Anna Nicole Smith. I didn't really know who that woman was either, but a few nights of accidentally allowing the tv to run introduced me to her and her "lovely" story.

As my Alabama girlfriend says to me all the time, "Lawd."

I also learned the following:

Ryan O'Neal is gonna ask a dying Farrah Fawcett to marry him. (and boy this is our business)

Which Oscar winner trained as an opera star? Meryl Streep.. in case you wondered. I guess this is good for....

*scratches head*

Ron Devlin got married in Tuscany.

Hmm. Devlin? Should I know him?

Do you know that there is a new reality show called Prep School Students Gone Wild? Looks like the "privileged teenagers" of New York City's elite are apparently buying 300 dollar t-shirts, going to nightclubs, studying, and having their chauffeurs drive them all over New York. They will be doing other "dirty" and "illegal" things of which I do not wish to type or blog. This is gonna be a show to watch. Only not.

I'd rather watch that guy on the Travel channel eat eel corn dogs and fried wheat worms.

While I was typing this....

OMG -- it's the Bachlorette. I gotta get up and move.

Jillian just said, "Goodbye to Ed, and at the rose ceremony, she has got to say bye to Mark."

She and the rest of the eight bachelors are heading on a Canadian train trip.

Did the announcer say, "Dramatic rose ceremony"?

Did Jillian say, "I need to focus on these eight guys"?


Do people I know watch this?

*drops laptop*


  1. I love this because I can identify! The only area where we disagree is that I ALWAYS get up and change the channel -- even if I have to throw Scout across the room -- as soon as Entertainment Tonight invades my house!

  2. the only reading i've done all summer is reading this blog and the cheesy magazine's a get in the mail .. you would be so proud of me

    but jon and kate have a tv show on TLC . it's annoyingly cute but kinda crazy and makes me not want to have kids .. EVER . especially after i heard her pregnancy story. she was on bed rest at five weeks or something had the kids at 7 months and she got second degree burns from her skin stretching then some rich people saw her on tv and paid for her to get plastic surgery and now he stomach looks like a normal human. all and all i'm a little freaked out about her story .. google it