Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dang. I have followers?

Isn't that Biblical?

I feel a little pressure now to basically entertain you with quips, funny stories, and observations about my day.

Only not.

I think I am gonna write until something comes to my mind.

I met a high school friend for lunch today. She and I have known each other for more than 40 years. She knows my material and still laughs. She told me that I am the funniest person she knows. Did I tell you that she's actually a recluse? She knows four people. Two of them are herself. I guess I am funny after all.

Anyway -- she has one child. Her daughter just finished ninth grade. She said that she purchased a "Yearbook" (70 bucks -- she about choked on her diced tomatoes) and then she laughed. We used to call them "annuals" she said. Every time, she said "annuals," her daughter must have thought she was talking about verbena or marigolds.

Anyway, her daughter was interested in seeing her mother's "yearbook," so my friend goes to the basement, moves boxes, dusts them off, and lo and behold, voila, she has two "annuals" from the same year. Puzzled, she pulls 'em out and finds out that one of the "annuals" is mine. I guess I gave it to her to sign back in sophomore year [since we were bff, I guess I reserved her a page], and she never gave it back.

Can I tell you how many times I have searched for that yearbook?


That's how important they are.

Forty one years later, she brings me this annual, and folks signed my annual in the following ways:

"Remember Grant, Remember Lee, to heck with them, and remember me."

Frank. Did I know a Frank? I think he was recuited by the CIA -- he was covert in high school.

"See you next year."

Did I? See him next year? "Tommy? Can you hear me? Can't you see me near you? Tommy? Tommy, Tommy." *channels Pin Ball Wizard by the Who...*

"We had a grate time at the cornival. Next year we hafta go agien."

Was she really that bad of a speller? I mean, surely, I wasn't friends with someone who couldn't' spell carnival.

"What a good time we had in Latin making Burger crazy. I can't wait till next year for more fun and games in Latin III."

I took Latin III? Really.
"amicus verus est rara avis" -- my friend is a bird?
"Vini. Vidi. Vici." I came. I saw. I beat you up on the playground?

My friend and I were crackin' up, and the fact that our waiter's name at California Pizza Kitchen's name was Vederick.

Me: Vederick?
Vederick: Mom's German and Dad's American.
Me: Oh. I think I'll have the avacodo egg rolls.

Yeah, my days are a riot.
Only not.

I've decided that right now my favorite song is "Here By Me" by 3 Doors Down.
It's a sappy love song, but I like the gravely sound of this singer's voice -- it's like he's talking to someone who broke his heart. :)

Eh. I need to learn to upload videos.

Random comment: A girl pretending to be a teenager on The Young and the Restless just excused herself to write an essay on The Pearl. LOL -- that's so realistic. Only not. When a teenager excuses herself to go upstairs on a soap, she usally sneaking out to see her boyfriend, eavesdropping on her parents, or *sorasing into someone ten years older for the next day on the soap.

That's what I got.
It aint' much.

I'll keep you posted. No pun intended.

Random observation: Obama's speech in Egypt? Not a fan.

*soarsing is the soap word for making children one day 8 and the next day 18 -- it's all plot points and bad character development.


  1. Oops - I get a headache trying to read the black print on blue.

  2. So there is life on The Other Side of the Mountain... only not. *giggles*

    Glad to know where you're bloggin' now.

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  4. Ryan Webber and I watched Tommy a few months ago. It was strange.

    Lurking here, too. ;)

    -- Brooke Markwell