Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Time, Text, and Dr. Jim.

Our friend Dr. Jim comes over about once a month and has dinner with us. We love Jim. He and David have been friends since the early 1970s, and when David and I got married in 1988, he became my friend too. Now, he likes me better. :-)

As an avid reader, Jim loans me books, mostly non-fiction, but he also has a mind like a steel trap. His memories of growing up in College Park, Georgia, in the 1950s come across as organized narrative, full of humor and detail, and he and I enjoy reminiscing about old Atlanta. He's a fascinating guy.

The other week when he came over for dinner he brought a Time magazine dated August 6, 1979, with a cover story titled Leadership in America: 50 Faces for the Future. He found it in his basement, apparently he hadn't cleaned it out in a while. Jim's kind of a pack rat, and he hasn't remodeled the interior of his finished basement since the 1970s either – it has shag carpeting, a Naugahyde covered sofa, and probably a Betamax player. In fact, I know he still has a Betamax player.

Some of you might have to Google that... Betamax, not Naugahyde.

Just a few of the interesting things in the Time magazine, including the fact that at that time, no pun intended, the magazine editors and writers aimed their text at a reading audience. I was totally amazed at the amount of text in the magazine. Running full of text, overflowing with text was the first thing that I noted -- three columns of it and pages – sometimes as many as ten.


Yes. Unbelievable.

One of the ads showcased Kool Super Lights cigarettes – “a light menthol blend gives low tar smokers the smooth taste they want. Never harsh tasting. Now you can make the smooth move to Kool Super Lights.”
Even the ads had text.

Buick LaSabre. What $6110 buys these days could be a pleasant surprise.”

Apparently, you couldn't buy a Toyato Cressida, a VW Dasher, a Datsun 810, or an Audi 5000 for that price. Just saying.
Datsun? I feel old.

Time's ads mainly were for booze, cigarettes, and cars.

On page 10 is an article on Rosalynn Carter, who campaigned for her husband for his second term. I think he lost.

Bundy: Guilty – He faces life – or death” graces page 22 with a two column article dedicated to the the former law student turned serial killer who murdered at least thirty-six young women in the 1970s.

BTW: The state of Florida executed him in 1989.

Don't Google him.
In the special section, which ran about twenty pages, Time covered fifty-up-and-coming men and women who would influence leadership in this country  in the next years. Among them --- Marion Berry, age 43, William J. Clinton, 32, Gary Hart, 41, and the Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, 37. 


The other forty-six --- well, I don't have that kind of time. Sic.

Only one page featured People, and they were not all celebrities – it included a bull fighter, a mayor, the world's first test tube baby, and Jane Seymore and Christopher Reeve who were starring in a movie titled Somewhere in Time. Heh. Didn't see that movie --- cause Jane seemed to be in mini-series that made me wanna poke my eyes out. Then. Now. Always.
Only one page for celebrities --  Show Business featured George Burns.
Other areas of the magazine had sections with the latest news on Medicine, Economy and Business, Living, Education, Sport, Press, Books [no kidding], and Religion.

Pshaw. What was all that about?

Hard to believe, that anyone ever had the time, no pun intended, to read all that.

Just sayin'.

Just wanted to note this ad: “Before you buy a word processor, talk to all three. Here are their telephone numbers.”

Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.

I feel old.


Saturday, October 5, 2013

All in: Andrew and Kayla Took the Plunge

 The fall day of September 27 brought gorgeous weather for Andrew and Kayla's wedding at Venue 92 in Woodstock. A crowd of 150 gathered at this renovated space and celebrated the couple as they exchange vows and tied the holy knot of matrimony.

 We arrived early for the ceremony and watched as the professional photographs were taken, and as always, the amateur photographers in my family [Hunter and Bryan] did their usual.

Ralph and Margaret watch the waning moments of their son's bachelorhood.

 the green bow ties matched the bride's shoes -- 
my sister looked lovely in periwinkle 

Brooks [second  from left] "say whut?"

 Stephen and Andrew

I love this photo!

this one too..

I channel my inner teacher: Bryan, give me the camera, now!
[Bryan, my niece's husband, is notorious for his candid shots.]

David, looking for an escape plan, checks his phone.

She's "officially and legally" in........

 and gets ALL, yes ALL, these people as bonus!!!

as we wait for the ceremony to begin
 the groom's family entertains themselves -- good luck, Kayla!
{no wonder the rows behind are empty}

Since we had all bathed for the occasion, here's the extended family groupings....

the Woodstock McDaniels

 the Boulder McDaniels
Didn't want anyone to miss these shoes!




Reception Time

James, the best man, makes a toast

the cousins discuss the new numbering system...
Chapman: I'm really number 7?
Kayla: I'm 21?
Margaret: 22? 
Glenn: It's complicated but brilliant.


           Glenn and James wait for sparklers and the good byes to the newlyweds

*waves *

 Blessings, Andrew and Kayla, sweet blessings.....

Friday, October 4, 2013

A and K's Rehearsal Dinner: At Trackside

September 26 bloomed out beautifully -- sweet breezes, turning, fall leaves wafting softly down from the trees, full blue sky and sunshine, and the anticpation of Andrew and Kayla's wedding. 


The day began at my sisters with flower arranging, totally DIY,  for the Rehearsal Dinner for Andrew and Kayla being held later that day at Trackside Grill in Kennesaw. My sister Margaret and sister-in-law Janet ran this show while I ran color commentary. Heh.
the finished project

Aren't they fabulous?

Trackside Grill

Oh, and, you can't spell Trackside without an A and a K.


 the tables set with menus featuring tonight's fare  -- a choice of salmon, short ribs, fried chicken, or pork tenderloin -- all yum!!!!!!! house salad to start, banana bread pudding or sorbet to finish...
I had chicken, btw. I mean, come on, it's fried!!!!!!!

David checks out the menu. Always.

Brother Hunter takes some opening shots; in the background -- video for Andrew and Kayla of their lives together so far {a TYL production} 
Thanks, Teresa!!

the host and hostess of the rehearsal dinner, Ralph and Margaret

After the minister's sweet blessing, Ralph welcomed the crowd of fifty plus to the festivities, noting that some of the guests had walked to the restaurant while others had crossed the country from California.
Then the fifteen minute video of Andrew and Kayla's first twenty-four years played in the background while the service staff brought out hot cornbread muffins.

Yum. Again.

Applause, laughter, and tears accompanied the video, and at the end, it received a round of applause. The video's ending made infamous by the immortal words of the couple's favorite aunt and the groom's brother and bride's brother in law:

Who are you?
No one.


Then the guests got down to the business of food as silverware clinging against dishes and conversation hummed the room.

Afterwards, our family gathered for our usual photos. It's a dreaded tradition. Ha.

The cousins, minus a few..... not all made it. 
*wipes tear*

the fab four with their the outlaws

and then some candids --- cause I like them:
Stephen, curb my enthusiasm, James, and Nora get ready for the photo ops of the "cousins"

Bryan, looking positively dapper

Love this shot of brother Ken and Kayla [look how her eyes twinkle!]

Book-ended by beauty, Aunt H stands between Nora and Kayla

Paul, Angie, and Glenn give their biggest smiles

 love the back of Kayla's dress... perfecto!

Andrew and Kayla

groomsmen Cody and Brooks

and the last two-- taken at the actual rehearsal --- 

My future's so bright/ I have to wear shades.

"I'm sorry. I'm kind of in the middle of something."


and this one of the proud parents of the groom -- cuz, well I like it..

and, I'm the blogger.


Next up: Wedding Day!!!