Friday, October 4, 2013

A and K's Rehearsal Dinner: At Trackside

September 26 bloomed out beautifully -- sweet breezes, turning, fall leaves wafting softly down from the trees, full blue sky and sunshine, and the anticpation of Andrew and Kayla's wedding. 


The day began at my sisters with flower arranging, totally DIY,  for the Rehearsal Dinner for Andrew and Kayla being held later that day at Trackside Grill in Kennesaw. My sister Margaret and sister-in-law Janet ran this show while I ran color commentary. Heh.
the finished project

Aren't they fabulous?

Trackside Grill

Oh, and, you can't spell Trackside without an A and a K.


 the tables set with menus featuring tonight's fare  -- a choice of salmon, short ribs, fried chicken, or pork tenderloin -- all yum!!!!!!! house salad to start, banana bread pudding or sorbet to finish...
I had chicken, btw. I mean, come on, it's fried!!!!!!!

David checks out the menu. Always.

Brother Hunter takes some opening shots; in the background -- video for Andrew and Kayla of their lives together so far {a TYL production} 
Thanks, Teresa!!

the host and hostess of the rehearsal dinner, Ralph and Margaret

After the minister's sweet blessing, Ralph welcomed the crowd of fifty plus to the festivities, noting that some of the guests had walked to the restaurant while others had crossed the country from California.
Then the fifteen minute video of Andrew and Kayla's first twenty-four years played in the background while the service staff brought out hot cornbread muffins.

Yum. Again.

Applause, laughter, and tears accompanied the video, and at the end, it received a round of applause. The video's ending made infamous by the immortal words of the couple's favorite aunt and the groom's brother and bride's brother in law:

Who are you?
No one.


Then the guests got down to the business of food as silverware clinging against dishes and conversation hummed the room.

Afterwards, our family gathered for our usual photos. It's a dreaded tradition. Ha.

The cousins, minus a few..... not all made it. 
*wipes tear*

the fab four with their the outlaws

and then some candids --- cause I like them:
Stephen, curb my enthusiasm, James, and Nora get ready for the photo ops of the "cousins"

Bryan, looking positively dapper

Love this shot of brother Ken and Kayla [look how her eyes twinkle!]

Book-ended by beauty, Aunt H stands between Nora and Kayla

Paul, Angie, and Glenn give their biggest smiles

 love the back of Kayla's dress... perfecto!

Andrew and Kayla

groomsmen Cody and Brooks

and the last two-- taken at the actual rehearsal --- 

My future's so bright/ I have to wear shades.

"I'm sorry. I'm kind of in the middle of something."


and this one of the proud parents of the groom -- cuz, well I like it..

and, I'm the blogger.


Next up: Wedding Day!!!

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