Saturday, October 5, 2013

All in: Andrew and Kayla Took the Plunge

 The fall day of September 27 brought gorgeous weather for Andrew and Kayla's wedding at Venue 92 in Woodstock. A crowd of 150 gathered at this renovated space and celebrated the couple as they exchange vows and tied the holy knot of matrimony.

 We arrived early for the ceremony and watched as the professional photographs were taken, and as always, the amateur photographers in my family [Hunter and Bryan] did their usual.

Ralph and Margaret watch the waning moments of their son's bachelorhood.

 the green bow ties matched the bride's shoes -- 
my sister looked lovely in periwinkle 

Brooks [second  from left] "say whut?"

 Stephen and Andrew

I love this photo!

this one too..

I channel my inner teacher: Bryan, give me the camera, now!
[Bryan, my niece's husband, is notorious for his candid shots.]

David, looking for an escape plan, checks his phone.

She's "officially and legally" in........

 and gets ALL, yes ALL, these people as bonus!!!

as we wait for the ceremony to begin
 the groom's family entertains themselves -- good luck, Kayla!
{no wonder the rows behind are empty}

Since we had all bathed for the occasion, here's the extended family groupings....

the Woodstock McDaniels

 the Boulder McDaniels
Didn't want anyone to miss these shoes!




Reception Time

James, the best man, makes a toast

the cousins discuss the new numbering system...
Chapman: I'm really number 7?
Kayla: I'm 21?
Margaret: 22? 
Glenn: It's complicated but brilliant.


           Glenn and James wait for sparklers and the good byes to the newlyweds

*waves *

 Blessings, Andrew and Kayla, sweet blessings.....

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