Friday, June 12, 2009

I'm busy. You can tell.

6:45 stretches, watches the first 10 minutes of GMA

7:15 has coffee, reads a few headlines on Internet

8:50 is done with the news on the Internet

*checks clock*

8:51 phone rings

*shakes out cobwebs and answers phone*

8:52 nephew has a question about George Orwell, hands phone to mother at 8:53.52

9:45 gets off phone with sister

*rubs ear*

9:46 checks Internet to see if anything else happened

11:28 - finishes with the Internet, puts laptop down for the day.


*wonders why leg is asleep*

11:29 moves laundry over, checks the deck for squirrels, folds other laundry, throws away notes to self about "new project" ideas, picks up novel

12:01 - eats a peanut butter sandwich

*checks Internet*

1:19 - husband calls, asks me what I'm doing?


Nothing, but I've been busy.

2:03 finishes emailing back in forth with friends in Canada, California, New Jersey, and Maryland

2:28 takes shower

2:49 picks up laptop, checks Internet, answers emails

and my hubby can't figure out what I do all day.


I bet you can see I'm busy.

Keats is busy too.


  1. My only question is why you bothered to take a shower at 2:28? I'm glad to see you are using your time well.

  2. Well, you conveniently left me out of your day and I know I was in it from 8:45 to 9:15. Thanks. I went to K-Mart, Marshalls, TJMaxx, Cost Plus World Market, Panera Bread, Wendy's, McDonald's, Tuesday Morning and two doctor's offices (not in any particular order). Thank God I live near the big city, DAYTONA BEACH!!

  3. good use of your time Gillham!

  4. Keats is obviously busy contemplating the purpose of his existence: to eat, sleep, dispose, or do something to get on your blog. Or any combination of the four.

  5. You make me laugh!

  6. Mrs. Gillham Chris and I would like to take you out to lunch this upcoming week! Pop me an email at on when and where!

  7. Heheh Gillham. Sounds about like something I would expect you to do. You're funny as all get out.

  8. These logs are a fun practice. I often have two types that I enjoy to do, when I do. One is "Captain's Log! It's 1877, something or someone is aboard the ship," all Stroker's Dracula style.

    The other type is where I have such a boring day, that I rewrite it as in some ridiculous time and parallel the events with something a little more exciting. E.G.