Friday, June 5, 2009

Baketan 2 Ghost Radar

Looking for blog topics that don't involve the squirrels on my deck, the former students I run into at Publix, the hilarious garbage man who sings "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay" as he slings my garbage container onto the back of the truck (this am. 8:35), or lunch with Vederick, I decided to type in WEIRD.

I think I got it.

You see, I think cell phones have complicated the world not simplified it, thus why I have my handy - dandy Go Phone, and I can kick it, drop it in the sink of water at a restaurant, sit on it, and actually leave it places, and it keeps on ticking. I have picked up the pieces so many times, and watched the sucker come back on. LOL

Even though I don't text ...I still think the cell phone is an complicated gadget for a complicated world and while I have your attention ---whose most annoying feature is call waiting. I've done little with the CW feature except hit random buttons and hope that I can catch whoever it is -- I rarely do. Most of the time I leave the person I am talking to on hold, then drop him, all the while never retrieving the caller who is apparently "waiting" to talk to me. Kicking my cell phone across a continent apparently will not disengage this wonderful feature.

Call Waiting is definitely one of the most annoying things presented to man by the Phone Gods.

To me -- this is what I think of when I think of CW. The good old days of "Call Waiting" meant that I was sitting at my house like a hostage and waiting on a phone call from a man who couldn't live without me, a job I couldn't live without, or a poor person cold calling folks from a list about sales at their store.

I had that job one summer -*shivers* cold calling folks about sales at a department store called Rich's. Each "bite" I got was the elusive commission. The worst job I have ever have -- not only was it boring, it was lousy pay, and when I did get someone to listen to my spiel, she usually said at the end, "no thank you." Horrible. I mean wretched way to make 1.50 an hour. But, I digress.


This is what I found on the Internet this morning. A charm can be added to my Go Phone that detects ghosts. Yep, indeedy.

There is only one time that I could think of that I needed a ghost detector.

From 1972 to 1976, I attended a small Southern college close to the Alabama border. The town was so small that it only had two fast food places-- Jack's and McDonald's. It had a town square with a nice little green space, and the town square was surrounded by Mom and Pop businesses from hardware to a haberdashery. Most popular store in town was called Mansour's. I visited the same campus in 1996. It was not the same place -- at all. Progress ate it.

The college itself was limited to about ten acres made up of four or five dorms, a student center, two classroom buildings, one administration building, a library, a cafeteria, a chapel, and a plot of ground that hosted a huge tent where drama productions were performed. The old drama building/theater had burned to the ground a few years before, and the school was raising money to rebuild it, which they did by my senior year. My freshman year they put on Fiddler on the Roof, and since my dorm faced the tent, with the windows open in the fall against the heat (yep, no air conditioning) I went to sleep or tried to study, all the while performers were rehearsing songs. "If I were a rich man, la de da," and "sunrise, sunset, spreading quickly through the sky." I can still sing those songs, not well, but I know the lyrics. :)

I lived also not only in the dorm that faced that tent, but also in the dormitory building that apparently hosted, besides forty or fifty crazy to be out of their parents sight freshman girls, a ghost. The ghost was supposedly aptly named Johnny Blue since during the Civil War, the dorm was a makeshift hospital for the wounded. Johnny Blue died in that hospital, but not before he had given his heart to a pretty nurse who stayed by his side until he died. So romantic. Pretty much bull, but a nice story for young freshman girls to believe.

One night I came back late from somewhere (it was college -- I was always coming back late from studying *cough, cough*), and I was walking down a corridor dimly lit by a central hall light to my room which was the last one on the left closest to the fire escape. I thought I heard whistling, so I turned around and looked back down the hallway. I saw a figure, really a shadow, male, leaning against the wall with his foot propped up against it. For a brief second, I saw it -- a ghost, or not, but regardless, I got the heeby jeebies, turned around, turned back around, and he had vanished cause that's what ghosts do.

Yep, the hair stood up on my arms .. I ran to my room, woke up my roommate to tell her. I was spooked, no pun intended- but totally an appropriate word here.. and she said, "Shut up and go back to sleep." I said, "I wasn't asleep." She said, "You were. You were dreaming." Uh, no, but I couldn't convince her otherwise. I mean, we all wanted to see the ghost, and she sure wasn't gonna give me the satisfaction of having done so. I probably didn't see him, but I sure thought I did, or wished I did, or perhaps even believed i did.

Now - what is the point of that story? None. This little gadget (following piece) did conjure up that particular memory of mine.

I wish I had the following charm to detect that Johnny Blue was really there, but I guess that I really wished I had a cell phone with a camera too, so that I could have the shadow of Johnny Blue.

I won't tell you that each of the three floors of the dorm had a pay phone in the middle of the hallway that all of us had to share. Yep, pay phone -- and when you got a phone call, whether from your parents or your beau, a girl would answer and scream down the hallway "[Insert name here], youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu haveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaaa phoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee calllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll."

Another story for another blog --- maybe, maybe not. Pay phones.....

Regardless, this little ditty below is taken from a website called News of the Weird.

Today you can do a lot with cell phones. Now you can detect ghosts with it by attaching this cell phone charm called the Baketan 2 Ghost Radar cell phone charm. All you have to do is push the button. If the light starts blinking blue then there aren't any ghosts, if it blinks red then you just found a ghost. You can buy one here if you want to try it out.



  1. It was a creeper taking advantage of the ghost story so that everyone would dismiss him as a ghost and the police would ignore him.

  2. Let's see, this would have been about the same time as Ted Bundy! Fred, the one with all those accent marks I can't type, probably is right!

    I loved today's blog! I think you should insert photos, even if you have to make up a photo of the ghost.

  3. I am talking about LaGrunt, I mean LaGrange.

  4. Wait, Dr. Parrott, I had a picture -- you were doing some professional skimming, huh?

  5. I stand corrected; you did include a photo, but I wanted a photo of the ghost or at least the dorm where he lives. Wait. . . during your retirement you have time to go back to Lagrange and find and photograph the ghost! Wait a year, and I'll go with you.

  6. And I was in "Fiddler". Had forgotten about Johnny Blue, but had the name just as I read it. And yes, I'm sure you were comning home from the Delt house, er studying.