Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson...

Guess what spurs me to write tonight?

Yep, Michael Jackson.

I made fun of his world tour earlier in the month on my blog -- do you know how that makes me feel? Yeah, lousy.

The news are all over it.. it is like a part of our collective memory has been opened up and now is on view.

50 years old --- seems young to me.

When he sang songs like "A, B, C," he was a kid --- as part of the Jackson Five. I saw him on Ed Sullivan (go ahead and google it)... and he was so cute and so talented.

I will admit that when MTV was in its early years, Michael Jackson ruled the video world. I remember being mesmerized by "Thriller," "Beat it," and "Billie Jean.' He brought the dancing ensemble to the video, and perhaps made it a viable "art" form. I still never tire of those videos -- they are fascinating.

Later in his life, he acted a little too whacked for me. I'm not being irreverent here; I'm just putting some truth out there as I'm sure as the world mourns him in death, we'll forget some of his more unusual interests, not even thinking about his "trials" and tribulations.

I found him sad. He was scared of the world, didn't really know who his friends were, and must have questioned the high cost of fame.

All of this frenzy will just escalate as the days go -- I remember 1977 when Elvis died, before we had CNN, it was a circus. I can only imagine what these days will be like....

Meanwhile, here it is...


  1. Being a part of the MTV generation, I was blown away by his videos from "Thriller". It was such a great album. I was thinking the same thing about Jackson's death being like Elvis. It's going to be a circus.

    What is really crazy about today is the fact there were two entertainment icons that died. Farah Fawcett's death has been overshadowed by MJ but she was huge too if just for "Charlie's Angels" and "The Burning Bed".

    What a crazy day!

  2. I still can't understand the public's fascination with famous people. It reminds me of when Princess Di died. The world seemed to stop so everyone could grieve publicly. Meanwhile, a few days later, in another part of the world, another woman died with very little fanfare. Mother Teresa!