Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dudette to Dude

Chasity Bono will undergo Gender Reassignment surgery.

I'm processing.

Apparently, Chasity decided to be reassigned to another gender when she turned 40.


I find that word choice fascinating.

I do.

I'm not sitting here in judgment. I'm really in awe.


Sounds like she is moving from one location to the other, and in the process, she will go from one gender to the other. She will be given handouts, maps, and highlighters. She will attend seminars, listen to speakers,look at references, watch videos, listen to tapes, and be given "gender" specific directions.

Doctor: Chasity, I mean Chaz, open this door. Go in. When you come out, you will be reassigned to the boy's locker room.


Her spokesperson also said that she wished "to honor her true identity."


I'd like to honor my true identity too as I know who I was meant to be: 20 lbs lighter, 400 million dollars richer, 5 more I.Q. points smarter, and married to Steve Burton. Now that's what I call reassignment.

Oh yeah, I might need to be younger too.


The reporter used the phrasing that she was "transitioning" from female to male.



I read the article aloud to Keats. She licked her paws and meowed that "she would just like to transition from the front door to the back door and pick up her canned cat food on the way."

Reassigned? Yes, to the deck, where baby birds, all fat from mom stuffing them with worms, would fall out of the sky into her mouth.

I'll have to ask her if she'd like to be male. I'll have to get her attention again -- she's rather bored with me these days.


This is like a science-fiction movie.


*hears Twilight Zone music*

I don't think I need to go to the news again for my blog topic.

I think I will stick to Publix.

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