Tuesday, August 30, 2011

and there was cake...

David and I went to his 40th high school reunion on Saturday night.


Yep. 40 Years. Have we been wandering in the wilderness that long?


I knew it was Biblical.


[See Moses.]

Enjoy the pictures .... and the commentary.

David and I did not attend the same high school, but we did live in the same state... and, btw, I have no intention of attending my 40th whenever it is...in the distant future.


David greets one of his peeps at the registration table. Ellen? Elaine? Eunice?
David and she worked on the committee that put this Shindig! together.

David tries to remember people's names.


Me: Who's that guy?
David: I have no idea.
Me: What about him?
David: I dunno.
Me: Her?
David: Theresa.
Me: I see.

We have our picture made with these two -- we knew them -- Larry and Teri. David told Teri how he saw her one time with her hair on top of her head and wrapped around two orange juice cans.

Man, what we women did for beauty.
I only remember using a single can.

But, maybe, I wasn't as advanced.

Larry did not go to school with David and Teri, but I knew Larry before Teri and David.

Ain't that weird?

Another girl there told David that when he was in kindergarten, he took his mother's wedding ring and gave it to her.

David: I did?
She: You did.
Me: So, how many times have you been married?

A few of the class members stand around and try to wait patiently for the food bars to be open. I just took a picture of the sign. The food was good --- better than the dancing.

*tee hee*

Me: It's like Dance of the Living Dead.
David: Totally not nice.

I asked David to dance; he claimed his knee ached.
Just so you know, David took disco lessons.
Thankfully, this wasn't the disco era.

I'm not sure what era it was, btw.

It was early.

This is what these people used to look like.


I think I had a dress like the girl on the left. Plaid jumper.

The guy on the left is the same guy in the background [in the red shirt] of the picture below of David.

This is his letter jacket, as he was apparently a basketball star.

According to David, WHS didn't give Varsity letter jackets for the sport in which he excelled.


*rolls eyes*

It ain't a real party unless there is cake.
There was.



  1. The place I work at still sells plaid jumpers.

  2. I don't do reunions. It's easier to lie to yourself that way, like "I look exactly the same as I did when I was 17."

  3. Mrs. Gillham, I just began reading your blog tho I had added it to my "favorites" awhile back. You are an entertaining writer. I especially enjoy your anecdotes about teaching, as I am also a 7-12 English teacher living on the Chesapeake Bay in MD, late in her career. I really enjoy hearing about your retired life. I only wish I did as much reading as you do because you really enjoy it and that reflects in your postings. I love your descriptions of where you live in the mountains, reading your amusing David replies, and all about your many friends and former students. Please keep writing! Have you thought of writing a book?!

  4. I had that same jumper, of course AHEM, I was a little younger when I had it, (but not much) My folks went to their 63rd HS reunion just a few months ago. There was no dancing, but there was Karaoke! My Mom's cousin has a professional system that he brings every year. My Mom was one of the stars!

    Enjoyed these pics, a nice looking group of people, all! Lori

  5. Donna, you didn't leave me an email so that I could contact you, but thank you for your kind comments.

    Made my day.


  6. Harriet, If I had known you were going, I would have gone. I just decided that I wasn't going to this reunion, but it looks like I missed a fun time.

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