Saturday, December 25, 2010

Five Cold 'Phews....

Supposedly, 1882 was the last year that it snowed on Christmas day in Atlanta.


Yes, really.

Even though the final total for all of us to gather is 21, we only had a partial gathering today... mostly 'phews.

So, after several games of Foose ball and a round or two of other board games, it began to snow ---so I took the 'phews and said, "outside, it's snowing! I want to take pictures!"

You know one difference between the old and the young?

Yep --- t-shirts in the cold.

I said, "act cold."

Me: Are you having fun?'

BTW: I did not tell them to put their hands in their pockets.
Just sayin'.

"Strike a pose"

"Come on vogue"

"Come on vogue"
"Let your body move to the music.."

"Come on vogue"

*tee hee*

Five Cold 'Phews
their favorite aunt.



  1. Fun times. Love the pictures. Merry Christmas to you!

    1882 was the last year it snowed on Christmas in Atlanta- really? I have to share a little story... Daddy loved snow and always wanted a "White Christmas - just like the ones [we've never known]." As the family sat down to eat breakfast this morning -- the meal that Dad considered the most important of the day -- the snow began to fall. It was a beautiful snow that continued throughout the day. Is it a coincidence? Maybe, but we decided that it was a sign from above that Daddy is still with us.

  2. Eh, at least the "Phew's" (love that nickname) are in t-shirts and JEANS. We used to wear shorts and, sometimes, sandals through the winter time.

    I've gotten rid of all photographic evidence of that teenage folly though because I can't have my kidlings trying to use it against me when I remind them to bundle up. LOL.

    Now, TT, I'm happy that you got a "white" Christmas though. It's hard for someone who has always had them to imagine what it would be like without one. Yeah, yeah, it's all what you're used to but, still, I'm glad you got one.

  3. Can you post who is who of the Phews? Cute boys.

  4. from left to right, Laura Lou -- Andrew, Chapman, Stephen, James, and Glenn.

    MIA -- Paul, who was on his way back from Michigan.