Thursday, December 9, 2010

"We Will Forever Sing"

Last night, David and went to dinner with two dear friends of ours, a couple whom we met about twenty years ago at First Methodist Church in Marietta.

Over the years, we have shared laughter, history, as well as our faith in God.

Last year, Penny and Robin went through a frightening time as Penny had a health scare -- a scare that put her friends and family on their knees in prayer. Her story is miraculous -- amazing --- enjoy celebrating what God has done. After all, this is the season of miracles.

Two weeks ago Robin sent out an email -- enjoy watching not only her story, but the two others on this web site.

This is Robin's email to his friends:

Penny continues to do very well and has returned to her normal life suffering NO effects from the aneurism she had in the summer of 2009. We are so thankful for God’s healing hand and, more than ever, see each day as a wonderful gift from Him.

A few weeks ago we were approached by our church about allowing them to tell Penny’s story as part of our Thanksgiving service and celebration. We jumped at that opportunity! Far be it from us to not tell the story of God’s faithfulness to us….. We will forever sing His praises and want the world to have the opportunity to hear this good news.

You were a part of the huge prayer effort on her behalf so we wanted you to have the opportunity to see the story, too. As you will see, the guys who did the filming did a great job telling the story.

In preparation for the filming, Penny and I went back to reread the emails I had sent to each of you. It was a wonderful experience to relive the events of those many weeks and again be reminded of His goodness….and your faithfulness to us. You will never know this side of heaven how much we have appreciated your love and support through that difficult time. You were a huge source of strength and encouragement that we will never forget.

We love you all and pray this will be a huge encouragement to each of you. What a mighty God we serve!!



  1. "What a mighty God we serve". Thanks. I needed that. L