Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Snow in the mountains [photos from our house]

love the light in this photo

the blue of outside contrasted

with the soft yellow of indoors



from the screen porch to the deck --

the pattern of the screen gave the photo a grayish look

icicles under the deck -- we don't see them very often


{no pun intended}

nandina berries

we planted these bushes at the front of the mountain house

they remind me of where I grew up -- our house had two large, nandina bushes on either side of the front steps...

my mother cut the berries and used them in winter flower arrangements as well as decorated the tables with them for Christmas

*le sigh*

early next morning sun on the snow

barberry bush berries

[in the warmer months, I weed around these bushes -- see the thorns? I hate them, but I love the way they look.]

I've have intended to post these pictures all week, but I have been busy.

Doing what, you ask?

I've been busy with life.


  1. Cool! I'm sitting in my blogging "class" working on my blog and here you are! checkout ""

    Love ya!

  2. These pictures are gorgeous! I'm a little jealous. Also Return to Me movie night soon?! Hopefully... I'll call you when I'm home :)

  3. What beautiful pictures -- we have those thorny barberry bushes, too. They are gorgeous...but lethal for the weeder!

    I love your home -- it's so inviting and cozy and warm -- those yellow walls, that fireplace! See...who's the stalker now?!

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  5. Ooooh, red berries. Ah, I have a passionate love affair going on with them.

    Shhh, don't tell my husband though. He thinks they're just a nice accent that I tend to "rely" on because imagination isn't my strong suit (when it comes to decorating). Little does he know. LOL.

    And, TT, your house in the mountains is just lovely. Thanks for sharing the beauty.

  6. I should have been there with you.