Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We remembered the lyrics.

Tonight, I talked to one of my oldest friends. Beginning in kindergarten in 1959, through high school graduation in 1972, Paul and I shared teachers, classrooms, and friends. At one time, I had a huge crush on him. :-)

As we chatted on the phone, we got to laughing about his reputation in school for bursting into song at inopportune times.  An incredible mimic and comic, as well as an outstanding athlete [in high school, he lettered Varsity in four sports], he hummed and sang the lyrics from popular songs.

We talked about our 7th grade teacher Mr. McLemore for a few minutes, and Paul remembered singing, when Mr. McLemore tried to discipline us, Buffalo Springfield's hit of 1967.

Neither of us could remember the name of the song, but we laughed as we remembered the lyrics.

We were thirteen years old.

I wonder what we "made" of this song?

My guess? Not what it intended. 

BTW: His mother will be 90 this Saturday. He and his three brothers take turns caring for her.


  1. Poor Mr. McElmore! To have the class he had his first year as a teacher, well that's just not right. I have fond memories of that class and of course Paul too. I am sure most every girl had a crush on him at one time or another.. what was the name of that song?

    Remember Roger Andrews and his band? Who else was in that band? Mike Roberts? All I can remember is Louie Louie... glad you and Paul keep in touch.

  2. Maybe you are thinking of:
    "For what it's worth"
    You better stop. Hey, what's that sound? Everybody look what's going down . . .

    Group included Stephen Stills and Neil Young.

  3. Miss Harriett,

    Pssst. You graduated the year I was born. Ya know I've heard this song lots of times but never saw it performed until now. Never would have imagined the lead singer in a cowboy hat...

    How great is it that you are still close to classmates? That's gotta be a huge blessing. Seems that ever since I came to know the Lord and changed from the wild child I once was, most school friends dropped me like a hot turd. Their loss, I reckon!

    (Thank you for your encouraging comments... it means a lot.)


    * and HOWDY to another Darlene up there ;-)

  4. It's been years since I have heard this ... love it!

  5. how beautiful and intimate, this conversation between you two... i love it, friend. bless you. e.

  6. Isn't it great to walk down memory lane with friends? And music so often brings those memories back vividly.

    By the way, fast forward from 1967 a few years and you will find this version of that song that I remember...

    Gotta love Jim Henson.