Tuesday, December 3, 2013

It's that time of year ..

for Tallulah to toss the reindeer from the mantel.
David and I arranged the decorations for Christmas on Sunday, and Tallulah lurked with her usual suspicious self as she eyed the tree, the mantle, and the wreaths with disdain.

Then, when the mantle is complete, she hops to it -- because she can,

finds the loathsome, red reindeer with 1999 on its left antler, and
then waits.

Monday morning --- 1999 red reindeer lies four hoofs up on the dining room floor.
Yes, it's officially Christmas.


  1. * missed

    (i found a typo. the reindeer made me do it.)

  2. Oh how I love Tallulah, bless her heart. I love her markings too, almost like she is snarling a bit, but she's a dear. I wish I could hug her. Merry Christmas Harriet, it's been far too long since I have dropped by.

  3. I love that Tallulah tosses the reindeer, but she leaves the "Meow" stocking hanger alone. Smart kitty.... but I already knew that.