Friday, January 17, 2014

Time Flies, and Fruit Flies Like a Banana

Who has time to blog? Not I. I've been busy with it all.

What is it?

I have no clue, but I've been doing stuff.

Christmas came and went.

 I took no photos because we all look the same except for Lukas! the grand phew, who is a little past the age of one. He is bi-lingual, crawls like a dervish, and opens any unattended cabinet in a sixty mile radius. 

I actually don't know why I didn't take photos -- it's probably because others have better cameras -- Bryan, my brother Hunter, and I was too busy being entertaining. Except not.

We did the usual -- ate, played games, ate some more, worked puzzles,  and stared at our, hand- held electronics.
FTR: I don't really have a hand-held electronic. I stared though.

The puzzling level met insanity as they completed five puzzles in five days. 
Manic times!!!!!
We [they] had mad games of  Bootlegger, Telephone Pictionary, Quiddler, and Quirkle. We [I?] about busted a gut playing Telephone Pictionary because my brother Kenneth can't draw, and he made the clue of Petticoat Junction look like "when worlds collide." It's also hard if one is "culturally illiterate" as I was with  "Furbie." I was like -- what is a Furbie? I still don't know what it is, and I refuse to file it in my very full hard drive of a brain.

I wish I had saved some of those drawings; they were hilarious.
My nephew James drew a mean Iron Curtain btw. :-)

We had our photo made, minus brother-in-law Ralph, and the number of twenty- two seems kind of daunting. Every time we get together, I think of how proud my parents would be to know that we have kept this tradition alive for over sixty years. 

 the cousins with the "others"

 the whole clan -- and the Fab Four
Little 'phew at the bottom...

While hanging out during Andrew and Kayla's wedding in September, my nephew Glenn, the Georgia Tech student, almost grad [May 2014], came up with this clever but crazy numbering system for the family .

 We [someone -- Angie and Kayla] came up with the idea of a t-shirt  and -- "Welcome to the Family -- please take a number"  became the mantra.
{at least it's polite}

I'm number four, btw.

Now it's the middle of January.
Time flies, and fruit flies like a banana.

ETA: My sister and I have taken on this huge project. We [she really] are in the process of scanning all of the family photos. The collection belonged mainly to my mother's family, her parents and sisters, but also included those taken by my parents ....

We have some cool old ones --

My maternal grandparents, Will and Mima [Jemima], back row left;
 bottom left -- Aunt Eleanor, Aunt Ava, and unknown suitor.
circa 1938

Margaret, Mother, Sally, Kenneth, and me, circa 1984.
My sister and I obviously in competition for biggest hair.
 I won. Bwha.

Good blogs to come -- I've got picture material.

Oh, and my nephew Chapman? He had my name for Christmas, and he took my blogs from the last six years that are about my family and made them into a book. It was such a sweet gift, and he spent so much time laying it out and getting it perfectly done. Love him for that!!!!

 That's all I got.

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