Monday, June 2, 2014

Hydrangeas 2014

I dug up  seven or eight small oak leaf hydrangeas from my friend Debbie's yard back in 2011. I love saying "back in '11 -- it sounds so history book.
These plants flourish in the rich, mulched soil on the west side of my house -- a mostly shady area.
The bloom in the second photo stands twenty inches in height, and the oak leaf plants themselves rise to over eight feet.
The lace capped hydrangeas came from my sister in 2012. My brother-in-law rooted and nourish them to a decent sized plant before they were given to me. They have quadrupled in size.
It's so awesome.
Underneath the hydrangeas are hostas, coral bell, daphne, and ferns.
Gardening is a gift from God,
when friends share their plants with each other, He smiles.


  1. We don't have a single lick of landscaping here. It's all woods and wildflowers.

    Thanks for sharing yours - Oak hydrangea is new to me.


  2. I love hydrangeas. I wish I could grow them and enjoy them in my backyard, but I'm pretty sure God would cringe if anyone shared them with me because he knows certain death awaits any plant that requires tlc in my garden. Wildflowers and weeds thrive under my watch.