Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Snow Again in Georgia? Eh.

We Southerners are fickle, you know?

We usually love snow, snow days, wild trips to the grocery store to get milk and eggs, makin' snow men that are really snow midgets, and diggin' out the scarves and gloves, shaking off the dust, for that ONE day when we have snow.

But two snow storms?


Yesterday, David and I drove back in the snow from North Carolina after taking a long weekend visit with our friends Pat and Jane, who live outside Chapel Hill.

David picked up the static interference of WSB while we were crossing South Carolina. The radio reporters were out and about talking to Joe Average.

Random man on the street: No. No. No. No more snow.
Random woman: I can't believe this. It's the end of the world. So cold. So much snow. Jaysus. I thought March was supposed to be warm! Jaysus.
Random kid: *giggles* Love it. Out of school again. Plus, today I had a math test. I hate math.
Random twenty year old: I'm sick of snow.

Me: Sick of snow? Who says that in the South?
David: I hated math too.

We stopped for lunch at a Cracker Barrel in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

BTW: Spell check does not like Spartanburg. {wonders about origin of town's name?}

When I was in college, the girl across the hall in the freshman dorm was from Spartanburg. Her name was Linder.
No joke -- Linder.

When I met her, I wanted to call her Linda.
No, she'd correct me, "Linder."

I'm pretty sure she was from these parts -- it's not like she was adapting a foreign name unless you wanna call South Carolina "foreign."


*thinks more about foreign*

They do have that BIG PEACH in Gaffney, South Carolina. I mean, BIG PEACH on the side of I-85 ---- which looks more like a butt these days since they have painted it with a little more pink. When I was a kid, it looked more like a peach -- but now, not so much.

*wonders about barb wire's purpose*

As a kid traveling in the car with my family on the way to see my grandparents, we'd squeal when Daddy would tell us the BIG PEACH was coming up. Of course, he'd tell us that when we were still thirty miles away so that we would be quiet and concentrate on seeing the BIG PEACH.

I don't know what that was about --- the squealing -- not the Big Peach. We'd get excited and brag about who saw it first. It was either look for the Big Peach, play alphabet road signs, or fight about who gets to sit by the window -- car entertainment was pretty limited.


Oh, btw, there is nothing wrong with landmarks --- Marietta has its Big Chicken.

*rolls eyes*

I'll never forget moving to this area in the early 80s -- and folks would give directions with the big chicken as the cardinal point.

The first time I encountered them was when I was living in the Cumberland area and needed a veterinarian for my cat, Bo. I called the vet office, located in Marietta and recommended by a friend:

Receptionist at vet office: Take a left at the big chicken.
Me: Big chicken?
Receptionist: Yeah, you can't miss it.
Me: Is there a street name?
Receptionist: Oh yeah, but you can't see it -- but you can see the big chicken.
Me: Okay. I guess.

And yeah, I could see the big chicken. No lie.

Now, where was I? Oh yeah, David and I were stopping at the Cracker Barrel.

That place was friendlier than a personal relations damage control for John Edwards.

{South Carolina and North Carolina have got some politicians, don't they?}

We were greeted four times by Cracker Barrel employees before we could make our way to a table.

Jennifer was our waitress, and in her South Carolina purest accent she said: "Hey yaaaaaw. Ain't that snow purty? When I get off werk, I'm so gonna make me and Chester [boyfriend? brother? husband? hunting dog? son?] a snow man.

I love a South Carolina accent --- they have this thang about long a's.

David: I think it's gonna melt pretty quickly.
Jennifer punches David in the arm: Naw now. Don't say that, sugah.
Me: I'd like a glass of unsweetened tea, please.
Jennifer: Unsweet? *giggles* Not me -- I love everything sweet. You take sweetner, right?
Me: No. Just unsweet.
Jennifer: It's comin' down hard now. Lookee!
David: I'll take unsweet tea too.
Jennifer: You two, sugah?
David: No sugar.
Jennifer: *laughs" No, I'm callin' you sugah; it's a bad, I mean baaaaaaaaadddd habit."

Jennifer walks off.

David: She's gonna be hovering like a mosquito.
Me: Totally not nice.

BTW: David was right. As we ate our lunch, Jennifer buzzed around us exclaiming about the snow, her snow man, and whether we wanted *giggling* more UNSWEET tea.

We took our unsweet tea to go and made our way home through the snowy weather and back to Atlanta where schools were lettin' out early and the traffic was crazier than a bag of squirrels.

I think I might be over snow too. My daffodils took a hit.

BTW: Edie, every time I go in a Cracker Barrel, I say to David, "Edie's favorite place." David always says, "Mine too -- it's road food."

Blog readers: See blog June 10, 2009, for Edie's love of the Cracker Barrel. David doesn't read my blog.



  1. Cracker Barrel is delicious road food. We usually stop at least one on the way to/from Canada.

  2. My favorite monument/landmark/eyesore is the "chicken on a stick" in Gainesville, GA, pictured on here:


    And Cracker Barrel is actually pronoucned Cracker "Brrl." No vowels in barrel. On the same note, sherrif has no vowels either. Shrrf.

    Ps. I have to use "crazier than a bag of squirrels" in one of my books. And the name Linder. Ha!

  3. Frederic, boy of all those apostrophe marks, do they have Cracker Barrels in CANADA?!! Maybe the French food might taste better.

  4. Unfortunately, no. We usually bring food on the way up, but stop to eat fast food and Cracker Barrel on the way back.

  5. My husband carries his Cracker Barrel map in his car and he always orders from the breakfast menu...always

  6. And, furthermore, he always comments on the Big Peach and we travel to NC often to see our older son and his family

  7. Oh the things I'm apparently missing living in California. No giant chicken or big peaches and no snow, either.

    And I'm completely jealous of your ability to read in the car.

  8. And, Linder would be Linder Bearden. She had every appliance known to man in 1975 in her dorm room. She also had a freezer with food in it. I remember going there to beg when I was starving. She was quite a character! I wonder what happened to her?

  9. I remember when I drove down to Atlanta from Baltimore the first time to interview for a job and my Mom and I passed the peach in Gaffney and said WTH was that. We debated for a while between and ass and a peach. Although on that trip we discovered Cracker Barrel since we had never seen one before, and now it's the only place my parents will stop for breakfast.

    I will have to say though as far as landmarks go you've never seen anything till you've seen Pedro "South of the Border" on I95.

    Oh, and I think I lived in Atlanta for over a year before I finally saw The Big Chicken. They even used that landmark when giving traffic updates during the morning and afternoon commutes...Southerners. And how did you grow up in the south and end up drinking unsweet tea. There is something seriously wrong with that :)