Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Last night I went out to eat with my two brothers, my sister, my brother-in-law, my sister-in-law, and two of my nephews. That's exactly 1/3 of my nephews.

David begged off ... he'd seen 'em Christmas.


We went downtown. Two days in a row -- I was in the big city. Since we don't get together like this often, I took my camera -- you know, you have to take advantage of great photo ops before everyone in the photos are OLD -- and since I am a professional blogger -- I never know what might spur me to blog -- after all, it can be "sketchy" down there.

So, we ate an unbloggable dinner, but we stepped outside to the courtyard to finish beverages and watch a little of the Braves' game.

I asked my two nephews if I could take their picture.

Here's what I got. <-----------------

*smacks 'em on the back of their smart alecky heads*

Wait. Wait. This is better than Fakebook -- all my single female blog readers are gonna wanna go out with them.


And the nephew on the right -- is a member of a cult. Look at his feet. I mean -- who would deliberately buy those?

Me: Are they comfortable?
Him: Not on gravel.

Ya think?

And he goes to Georgia Tech????

*shakes the hand of the other nephew and congratulates him on choosing Auburn*


  1. Those are the craziest looking "shoes" I've seen in a long time.

  2. If Tech had more girls, the guys wouldn't wear shoes like that.

  3. My cousin has a pair. He plays in a band.

    Just sayin'.

  4. All I have to say Aunt Harriett is all you told us to do was stand over there. You never specified what direction to stand in. Plus I think the skyline was a lot easier on the eyes. WAR EAGLE!

  5. Uh...I have a pair of those (thankfully in a much more attractive color).

    Please don't think less of me :-P

  6. My brothers....

    *shakes head*

    Glad you called the younger one out on those shoes. They are a waste of a shoe.

  7. 我們不是因為快樂而歌唱,而是唱歌使我們快樂..............................