Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Overdue books?

One more thing -- short.

I met my friend Celia for lunch today, and like the reading nerds we are, while we were out and close to the library, we went over to peruse the stacks and check out some books.

Celia: I have a limit to the number I can check out.
Me: LOL -- me too -- I can only check out five.

Anyway, Celia and I went our separate ways after that, but as I was exiting the library, there were two Marietta cop cars pulled up in the circular drive at the front and three policeman rushing in the front doors.

As I was walking past them, I encountered one of the policeman, walking slower.

Me: Overdue books?
Cop: LOL

I entertain for free.


  1. I too could not help but notice not one but the two police cars--doubt if we'll see anything in the MDJ.

    I'm enjoying the travel journal of Mary Morris. She was much more venturesome than I have ever been.

    Till next time...

  2. Wait! Wait! That's it? You didn't find out what was going on? Harriett!

  3. Why will they only give you five books?

  4. haha... you are so funny - even though you don't think so - example 1