Friday, January 14, 2011

Day is Done in Pink, White, and Blue?

Neither David nor I could believe the colors of the setting sun reflecting on the snow.

*le sigh*

6:10 PM, Atlanta, Georgia


  1. More often that we think, nature paints a poem - or God paints a poem through the nature that surrounds us.

  2. Almost makes me wish I didn't miss the snow.

  3. Neat! And in Atlanta you rarely get to see this kind of winter sunset/twilight. You should make a collage with these pictures!

  4. Oh, that right there, that's exactly why I love the snow so much. The frosty beauty is a sight to behold and makes the deadened foliage of nature come alive again with a clean elegance that is breathtaking. You did a fabulous job of capturing that in your photos.

    Now, if I could just remember all of that while I'm shoveling the dang stuff three times a day. LOL.

    TT, so glad that you got to enjoy frolicking in the powdery stuff.

  5. That color is astounding. God can really take my breath away sometimes!