Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nothing. Seriously.


Gosh, I love it.

Too much braggin'?

Monday I met two ex-students for lunch at Panera. Emily and Erika were members of the last group of students I taught at KMHS. We got together to catch up, but mostly for them to try and figure out what their old English teacher was doing with her time.

Me: Nothing.
Them: No, seriously?
Me: Seriously? Still nothing.

That night, David and I went to the Hawks game at Phillips Arena. One of David's clients had fabulous season tickets, and he generously gave David two tickets as a Christmas gift.

David and I arrived an hour before game time [we're nerds!] and watched as that huge facility pulled everything together to prepare for the game. Both of us amazed at the courteous staff from waiter to security, all dressed in gray suits.
The arena went to great lengths to make sure that the crowd could never be bored.

There was always something to divert your attention --- it was crazy, crazy the frenetic level Phillips Arena went to for entertaining their crowds.

Since our seats were on the floor right behind one of the goals, we were two rows behind the camera.

David and I made the Kiss Cam.
Twas embarrassing.

And hilarious.

We were featured several times on the big screen. This was not humorous since I was never lookin' at the screen, I was staring at other things [heh, people], and David poked me in the side each time to get my attention. Then I would catch myself on the big screen, looking like a deer in headlights -- and then laugh and show too much gum.

Not attractive.

BTW: What was I looking at, instead of the big screen? ---
Tony Gonzalez, the Falcons' tight end, born the year I graduated from college, who was sitting nearby. Six foot five, he is fabulously handsome, but his wife is ugly.

Except not.

Well, I wasn't staring.
The whole time....
- just some of it.

On Wednesday, ABC daytime announced that my favorite female character [Rebecca Herbst] on General Hospital had been fired. I have spent the rest of the week online reading all the scoop around her firing and chatting and mourning this legacy character's demise with my virtual friends from the General Hospital message board to which I belong.



But I'm retired.

What else do you want me to do?



*apologizes to those who read this blog and thought it might be about something*

BTW: I loved this guy's shoes.


  1. I can't believe they fired Rebecca Herbst. She is the most naturally beautiful person on earth.

  2. You got Liz's real name wrong, heh. You call yourself a fan. Lame, whiney little B@*&#^ (her, not you). Good riddance. :)

  3. I love that you made the kiss cam! :) I've always wanted to be on it. Haha.

  4. Hehe, I agree with Sarah. You making this Kiss Cam. Hilarious :) Also, I miss you! Let's get together over my Spring Break? Pretty please?

  5. OMG, I totally have to laugh because I didn't even notice that you got Becky's name wrong until someone so "nicely" pointed it out!!!! I love that you got there an hour early and that someone is nerdier than me!!!! Man your students look young. I think I remember being that young....well, maybe not :). And trust me if I was there I would have been staring too!

  6. I am shocked you get Becky's name wrong! I am really trying not to read anything online about it. I'm sick over it - and I'm not retired - just a long time fan. Looks like we will never get our Liason. Turbo sad. :(

  7. Okay, I corrected it.

    It's fixed.

    Love you gals for pointing it out to me.