Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sncky, Dolpins, and Shutters

Sncky parked in front of Laura and me at the Outlet Mall in Orlando.
There were so many languages in that mall that I felt like I was at the Tower of Babel.
Or should I say, Babble?
That place was a nightmare.
Large people, small people, kids who should be in school, people who should be working -- it was the middle of the day on Wednesday.
What the heck?
They were shooting some money into the economy.

Note to self: Never go to that mall again. Ever.
In fact, no mall ever.

I love these chairs at the beach bar, Dolphin View.
Note: We saw no dolphins viewing.

These shutters belonged to a defunct car repair.
I love the playfulness of colors in Florida --
everything here bleaches out so --
that this colorful array shows optimism by its artist.
I guess, that was before they went out of business?

Wait. Here's the front door -- maybe he's at the beach?

That's all I got.

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  1. I love the brightly colored shutters. And bright colors in general. And the beach, and dolphins, and lots of foreign languages. But not malls.