Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Thought I Saw A Movie Star! I did! I did!

As David and I sat in Grapes and Beans [our favorite restaurant near our mountain house], two fit young men came in and placed an order at the counter.

David: You know who that is?

I had my back to the counter.

I turned around and glanced. He looked familiar.

Me: No.

David: It's that actor.

Me: What actor?

David: Turn around again and look closely. You'll know.

And sure enough, I turned around, and there was that actor.

Me: Yeah, he was on that show we used to watch and his name was....

David: Private Practice.

Me: Yes, he played that character...

David: He was the receptionist. His wife got killed in the meth lab...

Me: And, he was in that movie we watched last night.

David: He was?

Me: Yes. He was in that short scene when George Clooney called to get his messages.

David: I don't remember that.

Me: That's because there was no car chase, nobody getting shot, or anything blowing up.

David: I still don't remember it.

Me: Up in the Air. That's the movie.

David: We watched it?

Me: Yes.

These are the kinds of conversations we have ... it's called a good marriage.


How weird was it that we [I] just watched that movie on DVD the night before -- and the next day we run into an actor who had a role?


How often do I run into a movie actor at all?

*counts on fingers*

Does it count if I went on purpose to see Steve Burton? Paid money?

One? Two? Does Joe Namath count?

I mean, how random is it to run in to one in a little restaurant in a little town in the north Georgia mountains?

*scratches head*

As David and I were leaving Grapes and Beans, we stopped by his table and told him that we recognized him from Private Practice.

He stood up and introduced himself: "Hi, I'm Chris."

{We totally didn't know his real name or his character name in either thing we had seen him in. We are such losers, that way. LOL }

We told him that we had enjoyed his role on Private Practice when we watched, but that frankly we hadn't watched the show since Violet rejected her baby and Addison had made too many rounds at her own practice, so to speak.

He laughed.

I said, "I heard your character was killed off." {read it on the Internet somewhere}

He said, "I asked to be killed off. I want to go to New York and do theater."

Me: Don't blame you. Hollywood is so..

Chris: Yeah. It ain't all that.

I then told him that we had watched Up in the Air the night before.

He said, "How did you like it?"

Me: I liked it, but it was so slow starting. I thought it was an interesting commentary on relationships, but by the end, I felt like I had a PHD in airport.

He laughed again and thanked us for noticing him.

David: Good luck in New York.

It wasn't until we were half way down the road before we remembered his name on Private Practice.

And yes, he's better looking in person. His name is Chris Lowell, and in addition to his "pretty-ness," he has a lovely voice. Really lovely.

*wink, wink*



  1. Hi there friend! Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my posts. I loved this conversation too and Chris....what a cutie. Glad he got out of Hollywood :-) I am still praying for you about Keats. I know the loss is still felt keenly.....It takes a long while.

    Love and best wishes! Lori

  2. Thanks for finding my blog - it's really to keep up with my family, but it is nice to know someone else is out there...

    As usual, your recount of your conversations amazes me. I always feel like I was a fly on the wall watching the story unfold!

  3. That conversation with your husband...too funny! Nobody gets shot, or nothing blows up? My husband wouldn't remember the movie either.

  4. I've just eavesdropped on your conversation!

  5. Dang. "A lovely voice. Really lovely."

    mm-hmm. I do believe I get the picture.


  6. Also, I loved Up in the Air. I think it captures so much about how diffuse our lives have gotten in some ways. Our mobile-ness, our disembodied communication, our remoteness while hungry for more but not knowing always how to do it...so many systems in place for us to continue remotely.

    And Chris is into theater, hunh? I suppose he and I have something in common. And how up close and personal that medium is... my, my, my.


  7. Campbell:?

    I did enjoy Up in the Air...and your comments gave me pause. One of my favorite scenes was between Ryan, Alex, and Natalie after her boyfriend broke up with her and they discussed marriage and relationships. It was funny and poignant. I actually thought the gal who played Natalie stole the supporting actress role, but didn't the award go to the gal who played Alex? I really don't have any idea how I know that since I don't even watch the Oscars. LOL