Monday, July 30, 2012

the screw

that's a mighty big screw

for such a small bone

bones are so, i dunno, prehistoric?

museum worthy?

thankfully, the screw stays.

things i wonder about...

do they get the screws from home depot?

four to a packet?

is it a flat head? phillip's?

did he use a drill?

*faints a little*

a screwdriver?

did the surgeon hold it in his teeth?

wear an apron?

consider a toggle bolt?

i'm better now that i am out from under the haze of narcotics...

i think.


  1. OH NO!! I hope that your recovery goes way and that you bounce back quickly. As least, you can still blog. Love to keep up with you through your posts.

  2. I really love X-rays. Love. Did you know that's my job? I am pretty sure they use a small drill, no apron, but they do wear an impervious gown, a mask and shoe covers. I am glad they put the screw in, that little bone is a tricky one to heal.

  3. Ouch! So sorry to hear this. Though I do appreciate your sense of humor in the midst of the yuck.

  4. Oww ow ow, that's all I can say. Anything to do with the feet, so painful. I don't even like to imagine what goes on under anesthetic, I am such a wimp. Glad you are out from under it!

  5. Miss Harriett - I've been away too long. I didn't know about this... followed a link from Glynn's Saturday Good Reads. Yikes.

    As a student athletic trainer in college, one our "perks" was being able to watch surgeries on athletes. Uh, double yikes! It was a little scary seeing the screws and tools set out on the table. It looked like a scene in my garage.

    Heal fast. Rest lots.