Sunday, July 1, 2012

Books That Should Have/Could Have/Might Have [If they'd read them] Shaped My Students

Occasionally the government does something of which I approve --as they are good for .... some things.

*thinking, thinking, thinking of examples*

I've always liked it that  Henry David Thoreau, as intellectually crazy as he was,  wrote in Resistance to Civil Government that "government's best that governs least."

*still trying to think of an example*


I love that the Library of Congress has this exhibition:

Books That Shaped America

Look at the list, readers, it's quite interesting -- not necessarily all literary, but all noteworthy.

To my former students: Look what made the list.

Told ya.

*sticks out tongue*

I'll get back to you on that example of "good thing[s]."

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  1. and the whole time we stared at you like "cows at a passing train."

    (Yes, I just started a sentence with an AND. I guess we are still a hopeless generation.)