Wednesday, January 2, 2013

And again, it's over...

Amazing that again we had Christmas, and again it's over.

We did the usual.



Bryan bought the above puzzle at a yard sale for a dollar.
Except not.
A bear to assemble -- it took four days even with a system, an approach, and a process.
The pieces did not interlock. And there was a lot of blue. And trees in shadow. And just no.

Then they did four more puzzles in two.


 New game called "Factory Fun."
Bardwell, pictured above left, said, "Not fun. At all."

Another game played involved these figurines and nine thousand pieces and nineteen pages of instructions including a narrative. To me, it seemed a hybrid of Clue and Monsters and I Don't Want to Play This Ever.
One card said, " Inflict horror." Nice.

Took pictures.
Brother Hunter got a new camera for Christmas.

Those are someone's loose lips. I forgot whose.
Just as well.
The 'phews and the "others" gathered for a picture -- in the middle of the gals --my niece.

 I- Padded.
Opened gifts.

Nora made these for Kayla.

No kitchen is complete until it has a Spiderman spatula.
I hear food sticks to it.
We Ate.

This year, my niece in Germany had a baby on December 9, and the parents, my brother and sister-in-law spent time there. My brother made it back for Christmas, but my sister-in-law, niece, her husband, and new baby were not here...

I'm still waiting on a good picture of Lukas, the grand 'phew, for my blog.

The most, hilarious moment to me for the week was...
Well, let me set this up:
David entered a raffle and won an I-Pad. The first week with it, he and I were like two dogs barking at a robot, but we've gradually learned a few things....

like how to turn it on -- and charge it.

*rolls collective eyes*
My nephew Chapman, who has a great sense of humor,  had David's name for gift giving.
 Since Chapman knew that David would need some help with setting up and determining what he wished to do with the I-Pad, Chapman gave David this:

David's eyes lit up as he thought:
Now that's my kind of I-Pad mount.

Then he got a little more information.
Well, I laughed as you can see.
Happy New Year.


  1. Hey girl, Tell David he did a great job on your hair. Love the style. Looks like a fun time was had by all. Happy New Year.

  2. Your Christmas look delightful. God bless you in the coming year.

  3. Miss Harriett! It was finer than frog's hair to see you today at my place. I love that image, down yonder in your other post with your cat on the mantle!

    Like miss Jennifer said, your CHristmas looks like it was great fun, puzzles and all.

    Hope your new year is blessed!