Monday, January 14, 2013

Nobody does it like Sara Lee.

Don't laugh.

I learned that it's "Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee" instead of "Nobody does it like Sara Lee."

As I drove to the Marietta Square today, I happened to be behind an official Sara Lee truck toting some Sara Lee, and I laughed out loud when I read the inscription on the back of the truck --  "Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee."

All of these years, whether I heard the jingle on television or radio, in my head they were saying, "nobody does it like Sara Lee." After all, Sara Lee dishes up a decent pound cake, some delicious bread items, and apparently [see above image] a strawberry swirl. So Sara Lee "does it."

I'm just glad that I found this out today instead of when I'm in "the home," and I have one of those circuitous arguments with another inmate:

"I'm telling you Myrna, it's nobody does it like Sara Lee."


BTW: As an English teacher, I can't believe the Sara Lee ad people have a slogan with a double negative. In my head, I guess I automatically fixed it. :-)


  1. Seriously?

    I think they made a switch-a-roo with the slogan. I've always heard it your way too. It's the right way. Two smart cookies (or cakes as it may well be) like us know it's true.

    poor Myrna...



  2. okay, this is driving me nuts. i'm running a quiz on FB to see who is joining us with "does it like"

    yes, i have issues.