Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"In a tumultuous privacy of [an ice] storm..."

Early this morning, the ice dabbed at the dogwood,

and the bird man weathered the icy deck to fill his feeders,

and, [yes, he has on shorts], add hot water to the baths.
"My birds," he said.

The ice decorated the red maple

and fringed the hook for the hummingbird feeder.

The cardinals knew how beautiful they look as they hovered about the deck

and competed with the artifice of the ice.

The ice clung to the Japanese maple.

  Tallulah peered at me, the deck watcher.

Then, she came 

to see this happy fellow at his feast.

The ice storm cometh.
The cat leaveth.

Turn up the heat, will ya? My paws are cold.


  1. At least you stayed off the roads this time!

  2. You have some beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing. I am glad to see that you are at home. All is eerily quiet here except for the occasional swish of the snow and sleet hitting the ground. I downloaded Winter's Tale to read as it was recommended by a friend (i.e. you) and seemed appropriate for the occasion. Confession: I watched recorded television instead reasoning that I needed to take advantage of electricity while it was on. Gigi only went out when she absolutely had to go. Otherwise she looked out the door and ran back to the safety of her blanket and covered pillow. She is jealous that Tallulah has a vent on the floor.

  3. word on the street is that Tallulah doesn't like her popsicles with feathers


  4. David and his birds...good man. You capture a morning well, Gillham. xo

  5. Oh, I do love that Tallulah and the birds are wonderful.....always a joy stopping by here friend!

  6. Two days from not marks 2 months since we've heard from you… hoping you are fine and dandy sweet like candy.