Saturday, April 12, 2014

Unsupervised Men and Other Excuses

Two months since I posted last, and all I can say is --- I've been busy with ---

1. Kitchen renovation -- If you watch HGTV about renovations, it's all true except that there are no people involved similar to or as accommodating as the Property Brothers. There is crying, frustration, and men to be supervised, micromanaged, cleaned up after, and waited on -- cuz they are either tardy or don't show up or wait days in between. Meanwhile, you are eating peanut butter sandwiches, Wendy's, or take out. The worst -- cereal in paper bowls -- ugh!!!

I'll update you on all of that later -- I'm a hair's breath from victory. TYL

 Packing David's lunch during renovation on my handy, dandy Rubbermaid table, full of what I thought I would need. I was wrong.

2. Nephew's wedding in New Orleans -- great fun, but I'm still searching for a decent photo of me. Until I find that, I'm not posting. JK. Sort of -- I'll update that soon as well.

Jazz Fest, some year, the newlyweds

3. Family History Project with my Sister --- yes, we've been gathering, she's been scanning photos and documents, and I've been typing text for a scrapbook [yes, I said scrapbook -- we bought them ten years ago in anticipation of this project, and we can't let them go to waste -- the digital generation will have to learn to turn pages physically again. I'm sure there are exercises or You Tube videos. Of course, this just means if they ended up caring. No matter -- my sister and I have had fun].

 Aunt Harriett and Aunt Eleanor, 1940, photo taken at World's Fair in New York City

4. Tallulah -- who had needed extensive discipline and therapy after the renovation. She no likey unsupervised men with tools, noise, things out of place, unsupervised men with paint brushes, trash, doors to the outside open and closed doors to her inside, did I say unsupervised men in general?

after therapy

5. Spring

I'll be back.

A shout out to a fellow, blogging friend who sent me a note to tell me I had been missed  - visit her at Simply Darlene.

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  1. Ah, you have been missed!

    Been there, done that with the mini misplaced kitchen… ours was in the laundry room/bathroom. Eww.

    I do love old photos. If you find any photos and/or documentation about the Women's Land Army during WWII, will you kindly tell me? Please and thank you. ;-)

    Happy Spring.