Thursday, May 15, 2014

The New Orleans Wedding

Well, I'm finally gonna post some pictures and make some comments about my number 1 nephew's [sorry, 'phews, remember the Christmas present he got me?] wedding.

Chapman and Margaret got married at the end of March.
[I'm late. I know. Embarrassingly late.}

New Orleans.

Undiscovered country.

At least for us. :-)

We drove to NoLa [a new acronym  for me]  or is it NOLA? because we could. :-)

We rented a house on Tchoupitoulas Street that apparently was the hospital, truck, and car windows rolled down and thumping music playing route. At first, the location seemed jarring [coming from our cul-de-sac, quiet world], but after a while, we grew used to the noise of city streets. It took us the whole time we were there to learn to pronounce the name of that street even though locals and my nephew Stephen, who said "the GPS lady said it like this," corrected us over and over. How do I know the GPS lady is right?

BTW: You know why the GPS voice is female? I do.

Spacious, clean, and inviting, the rental lined up like the row house it was with my siblings' and their family's rentals -- we literally were all in a row and in and out of each other's houses for the three night stay that we had. Rather communal and friendly living like that, we were amazed at the neighbors who said hello and at one point invited us to a pig roast.

The beautiful Audobon Park was a mile away, and we walked its tree lined, duck and bird filled pathways on more than one occasion. It's quite breath-taking with its huge trees, splashing waterfowl, and impressive, stately, magnificent houses with spectacular gardens and stone work.

The groom hosted the rehearsal dinner there on Friday afternoon, a crawfish boil, that excited the local guests and made believers out of some of the "visitors." I ate tacos myself, because well, I don't do crawfish. :-) Also on the menu, grilled sausage, corn on the cob, and other sides to complement the fare.

For dessert -- an ice cream that makes you wanna slap your momma. Famous in NOLA, the Creole Creamery served up heaping mounds of the delightful dessert in flavors of  king cake and sea salt caramel. Totally amazing. Indescribable, it's so good.

We had a roaring good time as people ate, watched passer-byers, the 'phews played some yard games --- and my feet hurt in my stupid, not for the park, sandals.


 Brother Hunter loads up supplies for rehearsal party at the park.

Paul carries the Boom Box, a staple at every party.
A few phews and their pretties head out for the festivities.

 Bocce Ball, anyone? Is that Latin?

 Sister Margaret, I, and Hunter pose, while Hunter holds his gargantuan Creole Creamery dessert.

 Other side of family -- Aunt Donna, Cousin Phyllis, Nora, and the groom, Chapman, holding dessert. Not kidding about the cold "hit" it was...

Bridget, Angie, and Kayla  


 Bride Margaret taste some of the sausage. Unknown wanna-be in photo leans in...
 There they are!

 David curbs his enthusiasm.

 Some kind of technology involving Smart Phones, Instagrams, hash tags, and photos from the party magically appeared on this elaborate television screen set up. 
Cool, but beyond me. Phew Bryan did it along with the groom.

 Speaking of -- Chapman, Nora, and Bryan

Glenn and Bridget

 Chapman's hilarious t-shirt
(he's known for his amusing choices of t-shirts ]
His bride, who bought it,  called it a "Public Service Announcement."

 Nora and her favorite aunt :-)

the cousins, bride and groom in center, gather for the much detested photo opportunity
[note to them: some day, you'll thank us]

Next up. Wedding Day.


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