Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wedding: New Orleans Style

Wedding attired and bucked up for the drive into NOLA for Chapman and Margaret's wedding, we didn't know what to expect. We did seem to be in a little Twilight Zone meets formal wear episode as my family caravan-ed into the crowded, party filled streets of the area of New Orleans known as the French Quarter. Narrow, one way streets, restaurants and bars spilling onto the sidewalks, [a lot of the streets leading to the French Quarter were under construction], we battled our way down, parting teeming and swelling crowds, parked the cars for twenty bucks, and hoofed to Woldenberg Park for the exchange of vows. 

Park nuptials? Second line to the reception? Hankies? Umbrellas? Blisters?

Well, you haven't been to a wedding until you've been to a New Orleans one.

Chapman and Margaret married at 5 o'clock in the afternoon at Woldenberg Park on the green space of the upper French Quarter on a perfect, spring day with the water of the Mississippi lapping soundly behind and a blazing blue sky for backdrop.

The invited guests, gathered on the grass, parted for the bride on the arm of her brother, and the Reverend yoked the two in matrimony in front of a hundred or so friends and family and three or four hundred tourists who gaped, watched, and then not only took photos but videos of the whole thing.

When the minister announced them as husband and wife, the horn attached to some type of party barge sounded long and frog-croaking deep [perhaps prompted by a cell phone call] and the wedding invitees chuckled.

Perfect timing, I'd say.

Following the Second Line to the Napoleon House [love this fun tradition -- and before the night was over would observe three more Second Lines following brides and grooms], we dined on plates of shrimp gumbo and other spicy appetizers.

A DJ spun some tunes, and I laughed out loud at Chapman and his engineer friends singing and dancing to a set of 80's tunes queued up and blasted for dancing.

I dunno why it seemed so funny, but to watch them mouth the words to songs like "Billie Jean," "She Blinded Me with Science," and "She's a Beauty" struck me as hilarious.

Weren't they like toddlers when those songs ran the top ten on the radio? Cuz, I was really young. :-)

Never mind.

Photos follow.

 the fab four

 the cousins wait

 David and brother Ken

 Margaret and her family

 the bride

 Sunglasses and hat moment..

 Kenneth and his family [minus Amy who couldn't make the trip] :-(

 the umbrellas aloft [almost] the Second Line to the reception

 Hankies high

 We pause to sing... "the saints go marchin' in"
No lie.  :-)

 the amusing cake topper --- bride and groom hugging and looking at their phones -- bwha

 Chapman's awesome tie


 the newlyweds...

 view from the Napoleon house

 Bryan and Nora

David and Andrew

Then it was over.

Now, who's next?  James? Glenn? Stephen?


  1. It's the best place. No place like it in the world.

  2. feathered umbrella hats?


    it sure looks interesting, all that wildCity stuff.