Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Splash of Passion?

Splash of Passion Parties?

I saw an ad for this on one of those magnetic car signs on my way to the mall to go Christmas shopping.

The lady sporting this ad on the side of her 1999 white Alero was not someone you would want to meet in the dark.

Or the light.

Just sayin'.

Gosh, I love free enterprise.

"Splash of passion" makes me think of fruit juice -- with guava.

BTW: The lady in the Alero was not advertising for juice.. she was looking for partners.


I got to quit blogging -- but the world is so much fun when you ain't working.



  1. I like your picture - want to take a bite!

  2. I kept reading it as "slap of passion"...

    I find myself needing you to blog some more regarding "slaps and splashes of passion".

    pretty please?