Monday, January 25, 2010

Brett Fauve

I don't follow the NFL much. I mean, I know it exists.

I understand football, and I appreciate it for its.... well, I appreciate it.

The NFL has changed a lot in the last ten years -- its fuller now of pump and pomposity and sometimes when I watch it -- I think of ancient Rome ---all that confidence -- all that "fight to the finish" mentality. The emperors/patricians in their sky boxes --- the plebeians in the stands with their gear -- and on the field------- the gladiators with their helmets, their armor, and their eyebrows?

[Russell Crowe -- man, do you remember his eyebrows in that movie?]


We watch the NFL at my house mostly because it looks good in HD. My husband doesn't really care that much about pro-football, but he does like the way it looks on his big-screen TV.

Hubby: Look at that, would you?
Me: Yes, dear.
Hubby: My TV is good, isn't it?
Me: Yes, dear.

That kind of love for the electronic takes a lot of testosterone.

BTW: My hubby has fallen asleep holding the remote.


Brett Farve....

Is freakin' nuts.

What was he thinking?

Forty year olds should not play in the NFL.

Each time he went down on the field [which we got to see over and over again], the camera would show his wife -- standing in the stands either covering her eyes or looking like she just wants to "smack" him for putting her through all this.

Lawd. Men.

Brett Fauve.

What were you thinking?

ETA: Brett Fauve played in the NFC championship game on Sunday night -- the Vikings versus the Saints. The Saints won -- in that game, Fauve went down, more than once, very hard --at one point, he was on a stretcher on the sidelines, in quite a bit of pain, and the trainers wrapped him up some more and he went back on the field. He was as gimpy as grandpa when his arthritis acted up...


  1. In my house I care about the football and hubby goes along because it looks good on the giant HDTV... LOL.

  2. I can appreciate what Farve does since I am over 40 too. If I had the talent, I would love to still be playing football today.

  3. I must say, I'm not a huge football fan either...
    I sit in the stands with the marching band every Friday during football season, but I still have no desire to watch the game. I'd rather talk to my friends :)

    ...Does that make me Un-American? *draws the American Flag whilst humming "Stars & Stripes Forever"*

  4. Yeah, no football for us, though I'd prefer watching it over the sport of choice in our house.


    I hate it. I can't watch it. Men holding each other down and punching each other, kicking, bleeding, blah blah blah...

    I can't imagine my hubby in that ring, though he'd like to be...ugh.