Thursday, January 21, 2010


I have just finishied watching Smallville, Season 1, Episodes 1-4. circa 2001 -- so what if I am nine years behind?


I had never heard of Smallville. I have watched very little television in the last thirty years except for General Hospital and baseball. I gave up General Hospital in December of 2008 [dont' get me started -- it's a sore subject -- LOL], and I have actually not watched as much baseball in the last two years --- I miss Skip Caray.


But now, I have more time, and well, I am catching up on the last thirty years in television.

I actually sort of like Smallville even though I can't imagine watching it with commercials. Of course, I have gotten to feel that way about almost everything I watch.

When I saw John Schenider was in it, I kind of laughed -- he's an old Atlanta boy, and a "one hit" wonder of a pop song -- it might have been a country song.

He was in Dukes of Hazzard, which is simply embarrassing that it was ever a tv show, much less the fact that someone thought it was memorable enough to make it into a movie.

did so much for the stereotypes of the South[rolls eyes], and it was lame in its day. LAME.

Schenider plays Superman's daddy in this show. He looks kind of good... LOL

My favorite character is Lex Luger. I don't know why -- could be his bald head or his purple chair in the Luger Lounge at the Luger Mansion, it could be the way he has the best lines, or it could be that I have forgotten his real role to Superman. He's just all kinds of good in this...

The actor who plays Superman is certainly a pleasure to look at -- big baby doll eyes and a nice physique. I had to google him to find out who he was.

Of course, I love googling men...

I googled Smallville, and up popped the actor who plays Clark Kent -- Tom Welling -- and when I looked on their "official" site, I saw that he ages beautifully, but I was disappointed to see that it's Season 8, and Lex is nowhere to be seen.

*stomps foot*

Oh well, that's what I did today -- on this rainy Thursday -- I watched Smallville.

I love retirement.



  1. You're watching television now?!! The world is coming to an end.

  2. I watched all of Smallville a few months ago. Eventually you'll be glad that Lana Lang and Lex Luther disappear from the show. They both get annoying.

  3. You're probably right, Fred. I doubt I watch all of those....

    Edie -- it's not television --it's Netflixs. LOL

  4. Netflix is awesome! Especially since you can stream a lot of shows nowadays too.

  5. Just a good ole boy...
    I loved Dukes of Hazzard and John Schneider, he was my fave!

  6. John Schneider was Billy Floyd's nephew, wasn't he?

  7. So I am slowly catching up on my favorite blog! I have to admit I watched the Dukes of Hazard I always wanted legs like Daisy Duke, unfortunately when you are under 5ft it was a lost cause ;). I admit I watched Smallville when it was first on, loved it! I always loved Lana and Clark. I felt the actors playing those roles had amazing chemistry. I just couldn't root for Lois and Clark even though I know that's where the story takes us. I will have to say I did stop watching a few seasons ago and just haven't gone back. Too many other shows calling my name, General Hospital of course not being one of them :P. And I have to agree Tom Welling is so easy on the eyes. Plus, shouldn't googling men be an Olympic sport! :)


  8. I highly recommend the early seasons of Smallville, particularly 2 and 3. Aside from the fact that Tom Welling is gorgeous, the writing is actually really good for the first few seasons. And it's interesting to see Lex Luthor get corrupted by money and power. Very interesting...

  9. It's been on my list of shows to watch for years and I just never seem to have the time.