Saturday, January 2, 2010

Monkey Blog

When I pass along the idiosyncrasies of my family, my friend Laura always says, "Great blog material."

Laura reads my blog and will feed me ideas: Monkey Butt powder, the people she sees at Wal-Mart in her home town, and of course, her own personal stories. :)

Monkey Butt Powder fell by the wayside once we learned that men know about it, and we women don't cause we have no need for this "powder," thus, since "monkey butt" is a real affliction ----it is not quite as funny.

So scratch the monkey butt blog -- no pun intended. :)

I know that sometimes when I put the word "monkey" with any other word, I go all giggly, as does my husband, family, and numerous friends. What is it about "monkey"?

One time at my niece's graduation from high school in Colorado, my former student Jess [who had relocated there] was chatting it up with my nephew Chapman, and they were discussing literature.

Me [aside]: Yes, literature. They have similar interests and sense of humor. They got all in a giggle fit over Celebrity Jeopardy [from SNL), and kept laughing and recounting those episodes. Then they segued into this ....

Jess: I just finished reading "Monkey Nuts" by D.H.Laurence.
David: Bwhahahahaha.
Jess: No, it's a story.
Chapman: I've read it.
David: *chortles* Monkey Nuts? Bwhahahaha.

"Monkey Nuts" became a kind of line that was said over and over between us when the conversation lagged. We would say, "Monkey nuts," and then laugh all over ourselves. The others around us just thought we were being sophomoric.


Maybe we were.

Anyway, David and Chapman still say "monkey nuts" when they see each other and go into all kinds of laughs and giggles.

Last year, the game we played at Christmas was called Jungle Speed; it hadn't been brought out for play for five minutes before it was renamed "Monkey Spit" to much chuckling.

This year, David received his own "stuffed" monkey -- accompanied by one of his gifts. When he unwrapped the monkey, the whole family burst into laughter.


Cause it was a monkey......



  1. So proud to see that Monkey Butt Powder finally made the blog. My friends all bought it for their husband's stockings. Any personal hygiene product that you purchase at ACE Hardware has to be worth a try.

  2. Monkey dance.

    Tehe. *draws dancing banana*

  3. I absolutely understand the whole monkey thing.

    For some unknown reason, when I'm frustrated, I'll often say, "Shoot a monkey!" Now, really, I like monkeys. I wouldn't ever shoot one. And no one else I know uses that phrase. But whenever I say it I have to giggle, and then my frustration melts away. :-)

    I also frequently add "like a monkey" to modify various verbs. For instance, "I have to pee like a monkey."
    Yeah. I don't know.
    But it makes me laugh.

  4. LMAO

    It's 5:47 am and I'm trying not to burst into hysterical giggling, LMFAO

    The boys love "Monkey Fart". Not sure where it came from or who first said it in the house but combining monkey and fart always cheers them up.