Thursday, July 29, 2010

McCafe Caramel Frappé

You know what else is cool?

School started today for my former colleagues -- a thing called pre-planning, which Dante happened to leave out of his levels of hell, only because it hadn't been invented yet.


Anyway, at 11, I called Dr. P, a recent retiree, and asked her if she was thinking about what she was missing?

Edie: Nope, I'm waiting to see Obama on The View.

Me: You know, you couldn't do that if you were in a meeting hearing about the new evaluation tool for teachers, or Georgia's new power standards, or how to fill out a field trip form, or sign out your receipt book, or being issued three rubber gloves, or going through your 84 emails, or testing your spanking, new four pens and eight file folders, or registering for your parking permit, or memorizing the school's mission statement, or wondering if you have lunch duty -- for shame, or, after thirty years of teaching, seeing that your lesson plans have the right components. Ya know?

Edie: I gotta go - -it's coming on now.


What did I do today?

I walked three miles at Kennesaw Mountain, bought myself a caramel frappé from McDonald's, went to Target, stopped by my sister's for a tomato sandwich, watched the Young and the Restless, and then pinched a cutting from a friend's oak-leaf hydrangea for rooting. And, I had to get my neighbor's mail....

I'm worn out.



Nan -- Brendan -- Phillip -- Tawn --- Angela -- Trudy -- Ashlynn -- Melissa -- Mike -- etal:



PS. I know that frappé needs that little thingy over the "e," but I gotta go --- looks like the birds need a few cubes in their "cocktail" hour water.



  1. First of all, Fred can help you with that little accent mark, and I did not say, "I waiting." I don't want people to think I've lost my ability to speak coherently in my retirement. The View was worthless, probably about as worthless as pre-planning meetings were all those years!

  2. LOL -- I'll fix it.

    Too funny.

    The View -- totally worthless -- if they have somebody good on, you might as well watch it with the sound off and imagine what he might be saying.

  3. Ready for you to copy and paste: é
    Unless it's ê or è or ë?

  4. Thanks Frederic -- I did it.

    Man, I just need you two as my copy editors.

    It wouldn't pay much, but the jokes are free.

  5. I hate the view. The only thing I can imagine being worse than those whining women would be having our president as a guest. I guess I don't play well with others.

  6. 「仁慈」二個字,就能讓冬天三個月都溫暖。..................................................

  7. wow, pre-planning really should be included in The Inferno!

  8. I love the Dante comment. I am going to think about it next week when I am in Hell, too. I love reading your blog because it cracks me up. Thanks for writing!

  9. I giggled at the Dante metaphor. I asked for the Divine Trilogy two years ago for Christmas and my parents managed to get me Paradiso and Purgatorio but no Inferno! I'm missing the first book - what am I supposed to do? And the most famous of them!

    Aso, I thought you would thoroughly enjoy this cartoon.