Friday, July 9, 2010

Too Busy Being Young?

Not to continue about my birthday, but I wanted you guys to know that my siblings remembered it was my birthday, as each one called me on that day.

One of them tried to sing -- I stopped him after "Happy Birthday to You."

My friends remembered -- I got cards in the mail.

My virtual friends remembered -- they send me emails, posted on the GH message board, and responded to my blog.


my nieces and nephews -- nada.



Nephew number one (I rank them all the time based on their behavior, vocabulary, or the most recent book they read) -- called me at 9:30 on my birthday night to wish me well.

Of course, his mother prompted him, but hey, he's only nineteen. He has to move himself aside to think about me. LOL

Did any other of those nieces and nephews call me, send me a card, or email?



Plus, Stephen wins for this comment: "You're too cool to be that old."

He's definitely nephew number one. That might be a position he keeps for a while. :)

Oh yeah, Amy did me wish me well after she read my blog (see previous blog comments). She gets a break -- she's in Germany, and her husband just broke his arm. (No pun intended, Amy.)


I always remember their birthdays. Every stinkin' one of them -- and they ignore mine? Like it's hard to remember their favorite aunt's birthday?

I write them poems.
Send them money.
Buy them presents.
Tell them to bathe.

Too busy being young?


  1. I did remember your birthday! I just was a bit pre-occupied to get online. I only found out that your birthday was July 2 six years ago, when we had the celebration for your 50th. I blame that one on my dad who always remembers your birthday, but forgets to tell everyone else about it. On another note, you send the BEST birthday cards. (Christmas present tags too!)I used to put them up on my fridge in my condo. I have all of them saved somewhere. When I was packing up to move David wanted to toss them, but I protested.

    Btw, at least I read and comment on your blog! I even make David read it sometimes. That has to make up for not emailing or card sending for your birthday, right? No worries. I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  2. FYI...I acknowledge that all of your nieces and nephews are lame, and am going to apologize on behalf of all 8 (+2).

  3. My youngest son forgot Mother's Day, then forgot his mother's birthday, and then did the abolsute worst thing he could have done -- he remembered Father's Day. I've heard that the two sides of the male brain don't begin to function together until around age 25. Which sounds like an excuse invented by a male.

  4. I love your ranking system; hilarious. Glad I'm not subject to your rankings, as I'm currently spending my Friday afternoon drinking coffee at 2:15 and watching reruns of 90210.

  5. They're just too busy being fabulous.