Monday, August 23, 2010


David and I have been in the mountains, and when we came home, tree men were in our yard taking down two pines.

Tree men. LOL

We actually didn't know they were coming --- they said they'd call, but David didn't hear his cell, and they were already on their way.

Anyway, we opened the front door, and on the stoop were two empty boxes, previously housing plastic forks, and a threatening note. Or at least, it seems like a threat: "DO NOT CLEAN UP ANY FORKS."

What do you think blog readers?




You girls have got to get jobs, boyfriends, or arrested because you should not be out late at night carousing, trespassing, and leaving evidence.

I checked the note closely -- I know it's you -- I'd know your bad writing anywhere. I suffered through it/ read it for thirty-six weeks back in '08 and '09.

*tee hee*

Meanwhile, CSI-Marietta dusted the note for fingerprints, and since all of you gals have priors, I'm sure that one of those black Chevrolet Suburbans will be pulling up to your door any minute now to arrest you for being lame.

Yep. Lame.

BTW: The tree guys said when they arrived early this afternoon to take down the trees, they saw the forks in the ground and didn't intend to "disturb it. Since they didn't know what it was."


I'm sure they thought it was sacred.

Oh, and Emilee? "Carousing " is a Level F vocab word.

Just sayin'.


  1. Is this a prank??? If so, AMAZING. I'm in awe of your former students. I wish Tiffany and I had thought of this back in our day!

  2. You must be the luckiest woman ever. I am so jealous that your former students, now your current friends love you enough to torture you. Just let me know where you need the Suburban!!

  3. Forking? What happened to good ole tp?

  4. This is hysterical!!! What do you suppose the tree men thought it was? Fork a yard? Marvelous! Maybe we could do this for one of our field trips. We could select someone still working who always gave us fits, and set out to fork the yard. Oh, I have the name right now! Are you game? Or, should I say, "Are you forked?!!"

  5. I'd just like to say that Emilee Haddon and myself are the coolest students ever!!!! We're not lame, although it probably wouldn't hurt if we had jobs and boyfriends hahaha!