Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Birthdays, Bird Parties, Skype, and Sam and Dave

1. One of my former students, who currently holds the record for being the oldest who stays in touch with me, turned 46 yesterday. Egads.

*slaps him and his friends, DCHS class of '82, for making me feel ANCIENT* Mike's in the white shirt at right -----:)

Happy Birthday, Mike.

2. Over the last few days, the Atlanta weather makes me love living in the South.

We have had cooler mornings and evenings.

Near dusk, for the last week, David and I sat on the deck and watched the hummingbirds party around their feeders. They are so bold and full of vigor that they buzz our heads like we're in the Pacific theater with P-38 Lightnings and Grumman Wildcats.

At times, the other bird feeders boost ten or fifteen birds of varying species at a time -- cardinals, wood-peckers, sparrows, finches, wrens, and the occasional warbler, flitting to the feeder from the trees and back like sixth grade girls around the snack table at their first dance.

3. We take Tallulah and Keats, who are both indoor cats, to the deck with us. Their heads do 180s as they try to catch the air acts. When the birds fly low enough or close enough, they swat at them with their de-clawed selves. It's like the birds know they can't catch them and tease them with their proximity.

When we bring them in at dark, Tallulah and Keats plop on the hard woods, totally wiped out, like they have just done something exhausting.

4. The other night I talked with my nephew in Houston, my niece in Pittsburgh, and my soon to be nephew-in-law in California on Skype -- all at the same time --- when they said something, the border on the outside of their posted pictures pulsated. .. well, Nora, my niece, and I had pictures -- they just had coat hanger heads. LOL

Hmm. They both might be coat hanger heads. Symbolic?

Eh. You would have to know Skpe to know what that means. Anyway, it was cool. I have no idea of what we talked about other than spray tans, car alarms, and knitted plants -- but I concentrated on the conversation, and they multi-tasked. I could hear the clicking of their keyboards. I called it Family Conference Call About Nothing.

BTW: The Internet never sleeps which reminds me of the title of a Neil Young album -- Rusts Never Sleeps --------- Neil Young -- singing "Heart of Gold," his signature song.

5. David and I watch Memphis Beat, a cop show set in Memphis [duh!] and starring Jason Lee, of Almost Famous and more recently My Name is Earl. The best thing about the show is the music -- on the last show we watched, they featured --- "I Thank You" by Sam and Dave.

What a great song... take a listen. I downloaded it to my I-Pod.

Young bloggers -- you need to get in touch with Sam and Dave.

Just sayin'.

That's all I got.


  1. Mike's senior year, you were grading papers in the leasing office of Cumberland Bridge apartments on the weekends. What fun we had.

  2. Your family multi-tasks on Skype while my kids talk "all at once" to their grandparents who are living in Macau for a few years. Me thinks the Grands might just find the clicking of keys a little more soothing than the cacaphony of my brood. Although, who am I kidding, these are the same people who kept the kids messy toddler prints on their glass door for weeks after we left just as a warm and fuzzy reminder. They love the connection as I'm sure you did too.

    And I'm a sucker for Memphis Beat but it had my young teenaged love for Dennis Quaid in The Big Easy working for it even before I heard the music. They've given a fresh take to their predecessor and I wonder if down the road, we'll see that female prosecutor again because he's gonna want to know whether his pappy was really a dirty cop or not. Until then, I'll just enjoy.

  3. Multitasking is part of youth. My mom is ALWAYS commenting about how I always seem to be doing things while I am on the phone with here. She said that she noticed Glenn has started doing it as well.

    I like all the family photos. Whatever were those nieces and nephews all dressed up for?

  4. Ahemmmm, I'll be 49 in January. I'd like to claim my title please. The other two guys are Jeff and Eddie. They were two classes behind me. Children those three. DCHS 80.