Saturday, October 1, 2011

First of October

This whole week  the weather has been perfect, especially yesterday and today.. is this perhaps one of the reason I live where I do? The coolness in the morning, a moderate temperature in the day, and then fabulous nights with blazing sunsets and whispy clouds make living down right comfortable. As I read somewhere, it's "soft weather." :)

Yesterday, I opened all the windows, and Tallulah spurred by the singing of birds, the rustling of the wind in the bushes and trees, and the whipping of Momma's flag on the deck, ran from window to window like her tail was on fire, and she sniffed, and we both and ooh and ahh.

Completely wearing herself out, after all it was just after lunch and her nap-time, she settled by my great-grandmother's rocking chair, located in our home office, and found the sweetest spot in the house: a block of sunlight.


Meanwhile, this morning, Laura emails me this photo from her house in Florida.


These are God kissed days, aren't they?

Blog readers: I have noticed a real decrease in my comments. *cries* It could be that there is nothing to comment on, but I have had a few emails from readers, who do wish to comment, telling me that they are unable.

This is out of my skill set -- like totally, but I have searched for an answer from blogger; it's like talking to a civil engineer about a bridge beam. Huh? Say what?

So, would you do me a favor in the next few days and try to comment on my blog? If you are unable to, would you send me an email and tell me what browser and what version of it you are using? Would you just send me an email and tell me that you can't?



  1. My pug does the same thing. Finds the one piece of sunlight in the house. Then, she proceeds to monopolize it.

  2. Talullah looks like she's not happy you bothered her. lol

  3. Love the picture of Tallulah enjoying the sunshine :)

  4. I, too, am enjoying the Fall weather. I don't seem to have trouble posting.

    Happy Sunday!


  5. Comment :) I love the cooler weather! I can finally wear all my jackets and sweaters.

  6. Also I haven't been able to read your blog in a while. :( College is really starting to kick my butt! Haha

  7. I'm still enjoying your blog.

  8. I love fall. "God kissed days" is an excellent way to describe the glorious"ness" of autumn. The weather of this past week reminded me of why I love this season so much. Now I can't wait to see what color palette God brings to accompany the crisp climate we've been experiencing. It truly is my favorite time of year.

    BTW - Gillham, I thought such a shameless plea for comments would be beneath you, only not. *tee hee*