Friday, October 7, 2011

Top Ten Blessings of the Moment

Blessing 1. Going on this week where I used to work[I'm not there!!!!] -- Homecoming week... which means a whole week of nuttiness, hyped up students, and little academics. I mean very little. Do.Not. Miss. At. All.

On Saturday night, the high school hosts a Homecoming Dance in its courtyard. Since a theme is a prerequisite to the success of the dance, *shrugs*, there is always a flurry of activity, in the week prior to the dance, surrounding the building of some artifact by the flagpole. The flagpole not only is near the entrance to the school but also has to be passed in order to go to the courtyard.

This "artifact" usually looms as tall and as wide as the flag pole itself. *coughs GINORMOUS*

It's usually such a hit that the school leaves it up for weeks afterward.

*wonders at the truth of that statement*

Yep. Since it can be seen from the very busy road that the school is on, I always imagined the folks passing by who considered their tax dollars: "Lawd, what on earth is going on at that school?"

For an "Arabian" theme one year, they hired [or did he volunteer?]  a man and his camel. I have no memory of what was built at the flagpole. Aladdin's Lamp? Pyramid?

Some of the previous successful constructions have been a lighthouse, a clock tower, and the Golden Gate bridge. Indeedy.

this year -- I heard volcano. *claps*


I hope it erupts. That would be some serious bonus.

My friend Nan, who still works at the high school, told me that "you need to just drive by and see whatever it is." Nan has an impeccable record of not disappointing me.

When I was in high school, the dance was in the gym and the decorations involved a few colored pieces of crepe paper hanging from the ceiling. Not that I ever went to a Homecoming Dance.... ABFADD.

Blessing 2. At 10:00 this morning, I saw the first grosbeak of the season. He sat primly on the feeder and checked out the neighborhood. He'll be back and bring his woman.

Blessing 3: The ability to open windows during this weather.. nuff said.

Blessing 4: A friend of mine reminded me this week that he turned 60. I'm not.

Blessing 5: The "evil empire" lost to the Detroit Tigers.

*waves flag*

Blessing 6:  The whole family will be together for Christmas again this year. Yesterday, my nieces, via Skype, and who live in other countries, told me that they had made plans to be here.

*throws confetti*

*flexes wrist to get ready for Foose Ball*

Note to Nora: I know that technically California is not another country. *grins*

Blessing 7: The student I am tutoring and I just finished the reading of the play Antigone by Sophocles. After two meetings, I got him to quit saying Antee Gone. When I taught this play to ninth graders in my long teaching career, some students NEVER EVER pronounced it correctly.

*pats tutoree on back*

BTW: I've been working with this child for two months. Last week, he looked at me and said, "You'd make a really good tutor."

*scratches head*

Blessing 8:  I don't have a Twitter account.

Yesterday on the CBS national news, the two talking heads discussed the death of Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple. They gauged reaction to his passing by reading from Twitter accounts.

Bill Gates and Oprah.

Ashton Kutcher.

*ponders two out of three's significance to this?*

Is that better or worse than Angelina Jolie's Twitter response?


Then one of  the anchors said, "And then we have some tweets from NORMAL people."

If I had a Twitter account, would I be a "NORMAL" person and tweet about Steve Jobs?

Is Twitter capitalized? That's all I want to know.

Blessing 9:  Halloween candy is out, and thus begins the Eating Season, which lasts all the way to New Year's.


Blessing 10:  I'm reading. Lots.  :) and I'm thinking about a nap. :)

ETA: Thanks to all of you who responded to my question about the ability to comment on my blog. I still don't have the answer to why you can't or can, but I'm happy to know that you are reading.  That's all that matters. Except not.


  1. Oooo. You have a new layout. Fancy shmancy. This post made me laugh :) Especially the volcano quip. What is the theme? Disaster? Pompeii? Sounds scary, haha.

  2. It was Mayan themed this year. Unfortunately, there was no flagpole decoration this year- the volcano blew apart (pun intended)in the wind. They were supposed to replace it with a giant snake, but then it disintegrated when they tried to move it to wrap around the flagpole.

  3. haha you are too funny! Love Number 7...poor kid. And in regards to Number 8...without us so called "normal" people those "non-normal" people wouldn't have a job. Or any Twitter followers. And they most certainly wouldn't be cited as a source on Steve Jobs death. :)

  4. Where am I on this list? tee hee. We just had homecoming here last week. Ah many memories to treasure.

  5. You are, by far, the person I hope to be like when I grow up..."grow up"....Thank you for this blog! Your humor is too precious a resource to horde away. It must be shared. And with that thought, my favorite teacher ever, I bid you farewell. Until I decide to comment on another post. In 5 minutes.