Friday, October 14, 2011

Smith Gilbert Revisted: OMG

Those of you who have read my blog in the last year know of my love for Smith-Gilbert Gardens, located right here in Kennesaw.

Today, my friend Debbie and I caught it again to check it out in fall. Seriously. Beyond beautiful.

Enjoy the pictorial. If you want to see them bigger, just tap the photo. They're worth it.

How was that?

Rhetorical. I know.

Oct. 16 -- After reading Michelle's comment, I realized that I could enlarge my photos for better viewing. Duh.  Thanks, Michelle.


  1. How much do I love the new look of your blog? It's perfect!

  2. Whoa girl, I haven't been here for a bit...I thought I was in the wrong spot! I like the new look!

    And I love your pictures of this amazing place -- I want you to blow them up full size so I can really see the details. I think my favorite is that tree with the twisty trunk - is that a Japanese Maple?